29 December 2012

Choona.js : Build frontend of any large application like gmail/facebook without trouble

Hello all,
       Choona.js is small but very powerful JavaScript Library.
visit -
      Imagine you want to develop a web-application which has 120 js files and 30000+ lines of code. How to start for such website. After my research and based on other similar solutions I have created this. This can be a very good start point.
      It gives you very powerful way to create mega/large-scale Web-application front-end. 
      I have included some very small Quick Start Demos

PS: Almost every company is now adopting such solutions so I thought this will benefit you ! Learning advance and scalable JavaScript will give a great benefit to your career. You can get excellent salary in company by knowing this.

│  नरेन्द्र सिसोदिया
│  स्वदेशी प्रचारक, नई दिल्ली
│ Senior JavaScript Developer

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