29 December 2012

Choona.js : Build frontend of any large application like gmail/facebook without trouble

Hello all,
       Choona.js is small but very powerful JavaScript Library.
visit -
      Imagine you want to develop a web-application which has 120 js files and 30000+ lines of code. How to start for such website. After my research and based on other similar solutions I have created this. This can be a very good start point.
      It gives you very powerful way to create mega/large-scale Web-application front-end. 
      I have included some very small Quick Start Demos

PS: Almost every company is now adopting such solutions so I thought this will benefit you ! Learning advance and scalable JavaScript will give a great benefit to your career. You can get excellent salary in company by knowing this.

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26 November 2012

A TodoList for Bharat. How 2.0 Technology can create solutions

Here is my new blog post after several months (probably years). I am quite busy in my professional and personal life. But I have one another life which I have donated to my beloved nation, Bharat Mata.

I have started a small but powerful project. It is basically a TodoList of Bharat. Whatever change you want in Bharat (India) , Please add them. together we can create a powerful and big set of todo list of tast to be done for Bharat nation.

You can see full Todo List on

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23 November 2012

Delhi Drupal community is organizing the Drupal Camp 2012 on 08 Dec at the JNU Convention Centre, New Delhi

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Date: 2012/11/22

Dear Narendra Sisodiya,

The *Delhi Drupal community* is organizing the *Drupal Camp 2012* on *08 Dec* at the *JNU Convention Centre*, New Delhi.  

The keynote address would be delivered by Jacob Singh, Regional Director, Acquia India.

12 speakers from Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkatta, and Chennai are gathering together to deliver sessions covering PerformanceResponsive Design, Web Services, Node.js, Code versioning with Git, VOIPand a host of other interesting topics around Drupal.

There will be a Drupal CXOs meet, followed by an introduction and an interactive Q&A session by Avienaash Shiralge on Agile/SCRUM. Avienaash is a leading Agile Transformation coach and trainer.

A day long *Drupal-in-a-Day* training is being organized led by 2-3 highly experienced Drupal trainers on the same date.

We're following up on *09 Dec* with a hackathon, with an objective to contribute to the development (documentation, reviews, code, QA) of Drupal 8. Professionals experienced and engaged with Drupal for a few years are expected to be participants here. Most of the speakers would be participating. 

Date: 08 Dec 2012 (9:00am) 



Venue: JNU Convention Centre, JNU, Munirka, New Delhi

Please find attached the posters for the event. If more details or help is required please do write to us.


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25 September 2012

Fastest loading of Webpage using Browser Caching

Recently I have done performance improvement in one project.
Here are the key points.

  • While serving js/css from your server. Send Cache-control and Expiry header to one year. Now When user open page for second time, it will pick these js/css from cache.

    Now the big question is - What will happen when some update is available in js/css file ? Answer - Use SVN revision number in js/css url.

    Example -

    When there is update available, it will 891. Now URL is changed and browser will pick up new version of JS file. Same applicable for CSS and other Static resources.
  • While serving Dynamic resources, Identify that which resources are session specific and something which will not change. You can serve them using session id.
Using the above technique, your web-page will load super-fast.