13 October 2011

Kill yourself if you use TurboC++

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Date: Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 12:36 AM
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12:20 AM st.gajju: me..
  when i am running a graphical program in C++
12:21 AM It showing Graphics not instalized.Suggest me what should i do?
12:25 AM me: Explain more
  which Linux
  which IDE
12:26 AM st.gajju: windows
 me: Are you kid ?
 st.gajju: I installed Turbo C++
 me: are you 60 + ??
  in age
 st.gajju: On 64 bit by DS Box.
12:27 AM :)
 me: is your age 60 +
 st.gajju: but why are you saying this sir??
12:28 AM me: kyuki less than 10 year and greater then 60 ke pas dimag nahi hata hai.. aur vo barso purani technology use karte hai
  Turbo C is DOS
 st.gajju: matlab..
 me: 1993 ki IDE hai
 st.gajju: matlab..Sir mai kuch samjha nahi
12:29 AM me: you must kill yourself out of shame that you are using such a 20 year old crappy software
 st.gajju: hm..
  Sir Listen..
 me: that in in DOS
 st.gajju: I am in Class 11..
 me: not even Windos
12:30 AM give thanks to me that I will save you at class 11
 st.gajju: and The programs given in books are developed in C++ thats why..
  i also uses that
 me: Enter the world of GCC
 st.gajju: what is it Sir??
 me: IDE
 st.gajju: Yes..Yes..
 me: Google it
 st.gajju: Maine Dev C++ bhi Use kiya hai..:)
 me: I will show only the way
12:31 AM st.gajju: is it
  Integrated development environment
  Sir Suniye..
  Mai Kuch bhi dhang se samjh nahi pa raha hu..
12:32 AM me: 1) Use Linux... Windov is biggest crap for studens 2) use C++ with GCC, try eclipse or DevC++ 3) For Graphics , use OpenGL Library
 st.gajju: Sir..Thoda sa Explain karke bateyenge toh samjha aayega..
 me: If you want better language then try python Or JavaScript
 st.gajju: GCC..?
 me: Google bagvan ke banaya hai
  mene jo likha us par search karo
12:33 AM st.gajju: Nahi..Inssano ne banaya hai
  Toh sir..Aap yeh keh rahe ho ki
  I should use Linux and..
 me: do you know Linux
 st.gajju: I should use Dev C++ right?
12:34 AM Os..
  hai Sir.
 me: Leave Window... Use Ubuntu Linux
 st.gajju: Ohk.
 me: and get rid of Virus
  Enter Freedom
 st.gajju: Yes..Yeh toh benefit hai
12:35 AM me: Chori ka window kyu use karte ho ?
 st.gajju: Sir Lekin Jab mai Dev C++ mai program banata hu..Toh bahut si errors dekhata hai
 me: jab Linux give you freedom to use it in better way
  Learn C++ then
12:36 AM st.gajju: But jab mai vahi program Turbo mai banata hu toh no errors..
  Books Ke Program toh Dev mai Run hi nahi ho paate hai
 me: village ki bhasha City mei lagaoge to errer to aayegi na
 st.gajju: oh....
12:37 AM samjha..
  Dev C++ is more Advance Than Turbo
  Click and See corect syntax
 st.gajju: okay
12:38 AM me: gud night
12:39 AM st.gajju: Good Night Sir.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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