01 August 2011

[idea] Linux Daily Links

There are appx 100-200 Twitter whom you have to follow to get daily information on new news on FOSS or tutorial or digest.. following all these 200 accounts and reading 2000 Tweets per day is a pain.
in Twitter there are 3 types of things happen
1) personal tweets -- airtel sucks ?
2) discussion -- what is your email Id ?
3) links -- here is my new blog on FOSS --- ?

third part is the informative and what we need.
So I need a mechanism where we can get all FOSS news in daily and weekly digest.
We can create a team and web services. Here is the idea.

We can setup a crawler account on which follow all 200-500 FOSSy guys all around.
1) daily at 10pm, our web-application fetch all Dents and Tweets. I guess it can be done via RSS feeds and API.
2) Delete all Dents and Tweets which do not contain URL
3) Next System will find duplicate. How ? If two URL are same then delete one post.
4) Next Show all Dents/Tweets into one single page where our team member will login and see all the post and they can now delete or rearrange their order or edit text. duplicates can be removed at this stage. non-relevant URL/posts can be removed. If 20 user login and do this task, then it will be a 10-15 minute job which we can spend rather then spending 2-3 Hour on polling.
5) At Morning it can released as news Collaborative FOSS News Paper..

How is the idea ??

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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