08 August 2011

How to Learn PHP ?

Gautam Chaudhary
I've been into php for more than 3 years now, and at very stage i felt that i'm an expert only to realise that there are still so so many things i don't know!!
One needs to keep developing different things and you get new experiences with every project.

Ankur Gupta

‎1) Book / Manual which I should eat
PHP/MySql Novice To Professional
2) Website which should I scan fully
Nettuts, DevShed, Planet PHP
4) framework or plain coding ??
CodeIgniter, Zend Framework

Nilesh Govindrajan
Don't go for frameworks at learning stage. Use a framework, write framework code and try to understand how it works, what coding pattern has been used, etc. Zend Framework is the best for this, I learned from Zend.

To master PHP, all you need to do is write more & more programs. Read the official PHP manual, its pretty exhaustive.

One of the best ways to learn PHP is, take a complex framework like Zend, understand its features, and try to build a framework from scratch. This is just for learning, using your own framework is strictly not recommended, you yourself know the difference between closed & open source and advantages of open source.

Sayan Chakrabarti
‎1) Book / Manual which I should eat
The PHP manual is excellent. Peruse the comments.
Try any O'reilly book if you are new to web programming in general.
2) Website which should I scan fully
w3schools, tizag
3) php programming patterns which got repeated in common website
devhshed, google
4) framework or plain coding ??
CodeIgniter or Kohana to start with, if at all. Best is to code in raw PHP at first. Symfony, CakePHP, Zend etc are great, but to my taste, they are too imposing: You need to learn the framework more than PHP.

Biswajit Kumar Das JoNy
It depends on which timeframe you are looking for. If you are good Developer or you know basic frameworks of Programming Concepts you are good to go with w3schools and and start doing your coding stuff. Hardly 3-4 days, and you can start building almost 99% of stuffs which available on NET by PHP. ;-)

Framework? I am not sure why do you need that, apart from if you are not so confident about your style of Coding. :P

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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