27 July 2011

ITR with LibreOffice [India]

Kindly note that the ITR1 form for filing income tax returns is successfully migrated to LibreOffice / OpenOffice for this year (Assessment year 2011-2012) and available on the same site, . Kindly spread the word. Also, I just successfully filed my own returns using the migrated spreadsheet using LibreOffice 3.3.2 :-).

The goal of this endeavour is that no person who wants to file ITR and does not have MS Excel should suffer because of this partiality by the Government. But we are still a long way from this. The problem is, every year the form changes, since tax rules change, so this migration is going to be difficult in future. We need to get the Government / IT Department to stop favouring MS Excel. They are only making it harder for non-MS Office users. Kindly lets continue this discussion and effort to put pressure on the concerned people to make a change in this department.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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