21 May 2011

Need Project Intern to create better One-Click train searching algorithm

Suppose you want to find Train availability of train JAT BDTS SPL (09022) on 25-05-2011 From DELHI SAFDARJNG To BANDRA TERMINUS for GENERAL category

then you need to give this format to URL.

This GET command will return availability , You can perform same Operation to different trains for same day..

Different trains can be found via this command

you can apply following javascript function to parse this response body (check out the source code of

Now, When user try to search train availability from Station A to Station B then , our script can load availability of all possible trains in the same route and only display trains which has available seats..

Please contact info@elpacorp to get start this project..
Or join and discuss there..

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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