22 May 2011

HTML5 based Eduvid Slidecasting Demo : Low Bandwidth Streaming


Today I escaped normal routine and sit down to have a minimal version of slidecasting using HTML5.

Slidecast is basically a combination of html-slides, image, and audio. HTML5 support Video/Audio element.
I prepared this proof-of-concept demo for html5 version of slide-casting my presentation. We do not need flash.
Normally audio will take only 10% of bandwidth and 90% bandwidth is used by video. uploading and downloading videos is very hard.
So it is time to slidecasting your work. If you organise workshop or conference or meetup then you can upload slidecast , you do not need any video camera to do this. I will try to create a software to note down the timing of slides.

This kind of demos are very useful to create educational contents. If we (FOSS community) of India create such slidecasts in each meetups then very soon we will be having a good amount of slidecasts (Or Eduvids)

I hope this year , I will be able to produce some good version of Project Eduvid and We all will be generating good contents from our own desk..

Here is the demo :

Let me know if you want to collaborate or have any suggestions ?

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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