05 May 2011

How to install Software package on a Linux System when it do not have Internet - debbundle

Problem - How to install Software package on a Linux System when it do not have Internet ?

I know there are multiple solution to this problem.. Here I am giving one very solution which looks perfect to solve the problem

you can down the script from
What this little script will do..
For example, your system do not have vlc , then you can go to other system which has Internet and then run the script .
Script will produce VLC.i386.OneClickInstall ,

You can can carry this file to anywhere and then install it by just clicking it. Let me repeat, Just by clicking it, neither you terminal , nor you need any extra software to install it.
So enjoy it and give me feedback. ( narendra  AT narendrasisodiya DOT com )


  • Those who want to create these OneClickInstall software package
    • The current process is only for deb based system. rpm lover can create similar thing very easily. Let me know
      • OneClickInstall package created from Ubuntu should be installed on Ubuntu itself. So you can see there have to many package for the same software - Ex -
        • vlc.ubuntu.i386.OneClickInstall
        • vlc.ubuntu.x86-64.OneClickInstall
        • vlc.debian.i386.OneClickInstall
        • vlc.debian.x86-64.OneClickInstall
      • In Nutshell, these OneClickInstall are just small repository of software. So for every Repo,there will be another package.
      • No OneClickInstall will be created if you already have the package.
      • Creation of these OneClickInstall Package will be done by central website. Script basically resolve dependency and download package and then create a single executable zip file. If you already have that package, then script will not download any package. So the person like me who want to create these oneclick packages , they are advice to use a freshly installed system. You can say it a Build system.
  • Those who want to INSTALL these OneClickInstall software package
    • No restriction
    • just click the .OneClickInstall file and then it click on "Run in Terminal" to install it

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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