19 May 2011

How students and I was able to install Software in a Computer Lab today

I use to teach kids how to use Computer as part of project. NCERT (Delhi) hosted Computer Workshop for Kids. morning session is for kids below 12 years and noon session is for children above 12 years..

I use to teach lots of program to students. I will share other experience later but today I will tell small story.

1.5 year back when we created schoolOS I forget to add tuxmath and childplay software in it.
I wanted to install these software in all 20 computers.. System was having very slow Internet connection. The solution is DebBundle. "Download Once, Install Everywhere"

So I download my own software (DebBundle)..
and applied following command

./OneClickInstall_Deb_Creator Tuxmath_and_Childsplay tuxmath childsplay
This will generate
.i686.OneClickInstall file

I copied this file to all systems and and clicking it , I was able to install tuxmath and childsplay software in all computer.

Now come to student.. Student like supertux game a lot. whenever they get even a small amount of time they tried to play supertux..
Even I was about to detain one student for this..

I removed supertux from all computer.. Now there were 1-2 smart student who were trying some commands like
 on their desktop to install supertux game.

then I game a small challenge.. Every student must search on internet on "How to install Supertux on linux"  .
all student started to find..

Finally after 10 minute of hard work one student  figured out -- the synaptic package manager..  they liked it very much because installation to any software is very easy .. but it took 30 minute to install supertux again on all system...

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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