26 April 2011

Updates of Meetings. 24 April 2011.

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=== Report Bhopal Open Technology User Group ===
we have organised a small meetup at DB Mall Bhopal at 25 April 2011.

* Unable to work on Linux without Internet is major hurdle. This was the problem somebody asked in the discussion. I gave 3 solution
** Debian DVD set(appx 10GB), SchoolOS(3GB), Ubuntu with 40 GB Repo in college.
* Finding out our Linux Users from all the all over the bhopal and get them on to the mailign list(Google group).
* Organising regular meetings/meetups of the Bhopal level group to kick-start other Linux & open technology related activities.
* All the participarnt will try to get permission for having a "Linux Workshop" in their colleges and all other will help.
* All the communication will be carried over the mailing list(Google group).
* One somebody get permission in his college, he/she will inform on mailing list(Google group). All Other will help in organising this event.
* Suitable date for event will be before 15 May 2011.
* Once the time and venue is confirmed, All member will paste the poster in all possible colleges in Bhopal/(20 KM within Bhopal).
* Pasting the poster will help to find out other "Linux User" from the Bhopal and will strong this small community.
* For the next 6 month, the task is to maximise the number of "Free/paid Linux workshop" and connecting Linux users of Bhopal and Create Open Technology Ammbassdors from various collegs.
* All the participant of the discussion must join the mailing list(Google group).

Deepak Sisodiya - deepak.sisodiya AT - 7879544770
Md. Sarfaraz Klan - sarfraz007 AT - 9755279335
Md. Sharique Jawaid - jaw-sharik AT - 9755186321
Narendra Sisodiya - narendra AT 9312166995
Piyush Nema - piyushnema5 AT - 9893253361
Shashi Ranjan - tnkr241 AT - 9098251519
Sourabh Parmar - sourabh890 AT - 9806677095
Taj Ansari - tajsaikh AT - 9589828460

Two other user (Vivek Singh Chauhan & Rahul Mathur were unable to attend the meeting.)

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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