13 April 2011

Summer Internship 2011 at ELPA Technologies with Narendra Sisodiya

Dear All,

I would like to clarify following things

1) Anybody from any age group can join Internship at ELPA (Delhi).
2) ELPA is start-up company. I mainly do intensive RnD in FOSS and Open Technology
3) I normally assign FOSS project and complex task to students. I do not provide my dedicated time for internship. My role will be to guide you to solve problem. Many problem will be solved by collaboration and team work
4) You must have your laptop or desktop.
5) Your laptop must contain GNU/Linux OS. Windows user are not invited.
6) Outside student must takecare for their accommodation.
7) Certificate will be provided to you at the end of Internship.
7) In Nutshell, If you are hungry for FOSS Knowledge then ELPA will welcome you.

If you are looking or dedicated training then let me know. I can start dedicated training for 1-2 month, provided student specify me exact duration of date-time and they should form a batch of at-least 20 students. The cost of training will vary from Rs 5000 per month to Rs 10,000 per month.

Narendra Sisodiya
contact :

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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