12 April 2011

Potential Danger of a Indian Vendor ("CORE Projects & Technologies") on FOSS Adoption

I was visiting (Jharkhand Education
Project Council ) , On the right hand side under Important links I
found link for MIS pointing to
MIS of SSA Jharkhand is using .NET technology. What a waste of money.

Now, Lets check who is maintaining/created this .NET based MIS
I went to url and
checked the footer of the website - which says Developed & Maintained
By: CORE Projects & Technologies  Ltd.

SSA belongs to MHRD. MHRD sometimes says that they are trying to support OpenSource and Linux But I do see such implementation as such.

Lets visit to another website -
NPIU - is National Project Implementation Unit - and its a unit of MHRD.

At the end of this webpage - ( See
This is the same company that is selected for NPIU MIS, naturally this
same MIS will be customized and provided to NPIU

If I am not mistaken SSA and NPIU both are related to MHRD, and its
the tax payer's money being invested in such projects in form of
Education etc.

ICT Haryana Government


Again , There are some more news about this .NET favoring company has bagged ICT project worth 295 crore

CORE Projects & Technologies heavily prefer .NET based solution So most probably the infrastructure will be on Microsoft.

So I see "CORE Projects & Technologies" as a potential danger to FOSS adoption in India

You can check there website -- -- this is Fastest Growing IT Company in the State of Maharashtra, India. It is to be noted that Maharashtra Govt never preferred FOSS solution. Maharashtra govt also have MoU with Microsoft too.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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