20 April 2011

Open Technology

Most of the person like me start their from single word - "Linux", we start this amazing journey but later on we realize that its all about something unique.. The basic thought is "Freedom and Decentralization" Decentralization is key Motto behind many efforts..
So in the FOSS world, we care about many thing and do activities on many things..
Open Standards  are more important then Open Source itself. And there is a great danger of "Software patents", DRM etc on top of these thing.. What we are doing,, we do not have any good "term" to represent our broad activities...
We have two choice for defining our activities -- "Hactivism"   or "Open Technology"
So, Basically, we people want Open Technology..
So next time when you try to form some Local User group.. Do not say Linux User Group.. Say it. Open Technology User Group.. This will include all aspects..

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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