14 April 2011

NIC India == .Net Implementation Center : Fight Back

It seems the proverb "Elephant's Chewing Teeth are different from Exhibiting Teeth" rightly matches as the situation of NIC

It seems NIC is actually .Net Implementation Center. All the NIC sites are made in .net
(except our national site i.e. and few of its sub sites which I am really proud of as they have followed Web Standards)

I just came across .net based Ministry of Rural Development Portal that is supposed to provide DIKSHA to rural areas (through PAID RESTRICTED SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT)

So one thing for sure that either there are no hard and fast standard defined for what platform to use (or may be not followed even when defined)

What can be the reason:
1. There is unawareness about FOSS
2. The Tender System where the tender document os not specific and strict on selection of FOSS
3. FOSS communities do not care about such tenders and let it go to proprietary supporters

Now the point is why is popularity of such proprietary tools increased when FOSS alternatives exist:

1. Proprietary Companies see to it that they reach every organization for demonstration and also provide evaluation packages to them. Some also provide those software for free.

2. On other hand FOSS supporters, crib that they are doing some sort of Non Profit work and they cant go at that extent to conduct such FREE Demos for FREE Software

3. When the proprietary companies get the project and some (small civilian) Foss supporter report it to FOSS community, he/she is humiliated and told that it is a way of business and we cannot do anything about it due to lack of alternatives (even when there are many)

4. This means that FOSS Community is just for playing Mail-Mail game OR part-time mailing list fun.

5. Due to this attitude, people crib saying that FOSS community doesn't provide morale support, and proprietary companies even when they charge provide support

FOSS communities of India should standup and work together !! We at Delhi  Going to organize a peaceful protest against "Software Corruption"

Software Corruption Or Software Ghotala is a name given to process where a Government do not choose Must better Free Software/Open-Source Software and waste tax payer's money for purchasing some proprietary software again and again.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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