20 April 2011

How a family doctor started using GNU/Linux

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Date: Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 8:25 PM
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This is the very simple trick using what I hve converted even my family doctor to use Linux.

He kept telling me that his machine used to get infected by Virus (and always was formatted)

I told him, that I have an OS that is Virus free and also Free to Use and Share.

I installed Ubuntu on his laptop, and also gave him the CD. He liked it at that level, he Formated his home system and installed Ubuntu on it.

Rule 1. Never offer School OS as Linux. Just say this is another Operating Sysem. Already Windows lover have poisoned minds of desktop users by potraying Linux as a Text Only OS.

Rule 2. Show the fast boot up.

Rule 3. Open a Document, Presentation and spreadsheet and show it to them.

Rule 4: Open FireFox and Media Players.

Rule 5: Show them the features that School OS has which windows wont ever give. The smooth changing of Wall paper with fast response time, etc.

Ruke 6: Tell them that you can completely customized the OS and in fact create as many replicas as the current system is, and even when they change the Mother board, still the OS will work out of the box without even bothering to re-install Drivers.

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By- Narendra Sisodiya

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