30 March 2011

Very good book on Free (मुक्त) Software - After the Software Wars

Dear Friends,
I am reading this book -
I liked it very much, interesting this book is written by Microsoft
Employee who became Linux Fan over the time. :)
You can purchase it from flipkart -

By- Narendra Sisodiya

12 March 2011

ICT and Math. Good Links from a friends

From - Shamashuddin N Attar

ICT मे On line गेम्न का होना बहूत जरूरी है. यह मेरा मत है. games से माऊस ऒर की बोर्ड का स्किल विद्यार्थीयोमे अच्छी तरहसे विकसित होता है. मगर हम जिस गेम्स का उपयोग करेंगे वह शैक्षणिक होना बहूत जरूरी है. शैक्षणिक गेम्स इंटरनेट पर बहूत साते मुफ्त मे उपलब्द है. गणित, सायन्स, भाषा विषयोके इंटरनेट पर उअपल्ब्द गेम्स अध्यालन प्रक्रियांको आनंददायी बनायंगे ऎसा मेरा अनुमान है. मेरे पास आज मिती मे १५० से जादा educational Games उपलब्द है.मैने गणीत विषयोंके बहुत साते स्त्रोत धुंड निकाले है. वह आपको यहापर दे रहा हु.


Rational numbers all about numbers including information on rational and irrational numbers, integers & prime numbers the encyclopedia definition of rational numbers,,sid9_gci283997,00.html bit advanced but concise description of rational numbers

Real numbers for advanced learners simple lesson on properties of real numbers the encyclopedia description of real numbers

Square and square-root table of squares and square roots a simple lesson on square roots with exercises

Cube & cube root explanation of cube root explanations with activity, links to cube root table and cube root rule

Distance rate & time simple lesson and exercises explanations of the formula with problems

Time & work some word problems with their solutions more problems and answers

Percentage, a simple lesson on percentages with test simple lesson on percentages with a 3 way percent calculator and a percentage online solver discover relationships between fractions, percents, and decimals through this interactive puzzle

Ratio lesson and exercises in ratio and proportion

Simple interest & compound interest the compound interest equation


Algebra words common words and their definitions with examples

Equations terms used in equations lesson in writing simple equations and exercises lessons and practice about equations and inequalities. great stuff on simple equations

Linear & Single Linear equations great interactive games on lines and linear equations

Division of polynomials polynomial identities Demonstrates, step-by-step and with worked examples, how to do long division of polynomials

Fractions reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Lessons and practice great puzzles and manipulatives to visually understand fractions, parts, wholes, adding and subtracting fractions. Cool

Reading graphs graphing equations and inequalities interactive puzzles for graphs and pie charts about functions and graphs. detailed

Similarity lessons and practice similar figures

Statistics introductory lesson with some simple exercises explore mean, median and mode through a game-like gizmo


Geometry words common terms and their explanations with examples

Triangles types of triangles congruent triangles explained. manipulate triangles and learn about them simple lesson and practice

Circle you can do everything you want to do with circles here. Great fun simple lesson and practice circles, definitions and formulas

Square simple lesson and practice

Area formulas for finding area fantastic game like approach to understanding quadrilaterals and conservation of area formulas for area of square circle and triangle on Circumference and areas of circles. circle calculator

Volume & surface area finding volumes for different shapes. Clear illustrations volume formulas surface area formulas

Parallel lines simple lesson and exercises about pairs of lines exciting problems of angles and parallel lines. Fantastic stuff. Do it yourself!

Pythagoras theorem an exciting and simple way to learn it! simple lesson and practice,,NAV2-21_SAP700,00.shtml great game - combine the areas of the two smaller squares to get the area of the larger square,

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Wikipedia Search from Command Line

Add the search function into your ~/.bashrc file

Download search function from Here -
Please notice that this is just one single line in bash :)
this code use w3m command line browser, you can also use other browser
like lynx Or just replace w3m by firefox in above code,
Now just open a new console and run try it..
$ wikipediaSearch "Comparison File System"
Now this command will search on wikipedia and return back some links
with numbers, just type the link number and the link will be opened
into browser (lynx, w3m or firefox )
So we got a cool way to search from Console..
Please note that Double Quote is important ( " " ) other wise, it
will take first word for search..

Tip, this command can also be used for correcting spelling mistake,
for example,
If you give something like

$ wikipediaSearch "Comparizon"
Welcome to WikiPedia Search
Now you got the spelling of Comparison,
I have used Google, but one can use any other Search engine.. like DDG...
Searching from wikipedia native search which sucks.. Google and other
search engine give better results then wikipedia native search itself.
One can also use Grease-monkey script to same in firefox browser.
By- Narendra Sisodiya

06 March 2011

Why Trimming of emails is needed on mailing lists..

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kenneth Gonsalves
Date: Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 11:17 AM
Subject: Re: [LUG@IITD:12463] Delhi NCR GeekMeetup - 4th edition at Jamia

On Sat, 2011-03-05 at 15:36 +0530, Ashim Kapoor wrote:
> > kindly help combat global warming by trimming your posts
> >
> will keep that in mind, now onwards. Thanks for citing :)
> >
> > Out of  curiousity, how does trimming posts help combat global
> warming ?

an average LUG mailing list would have around 2000 members. Imagine one
person makes a post of 50 lines. Imagine there are 50 replies in the
thread and no one trims. So you get 45X50X2000 unnecessary lines.
Multiply this into approximately one crore mailing lists - lakhs of
crores of garbage humming across the wires. Then calculate the
electricity needed for this. Then calculate the oil/coal burnt to
generate this electricity.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Letter regrading flash player on your website ! Support HTML5

If you like HTML5 and OGG videos then you can follow following steps to promote it,

Step 1 - If you visiting any website which has flash !!!!
Step2 -  go to "Contact Us" page, try to locate email form or email id.
Step3 - Copy paste the following letter and send to them :)
Hurry.. Feel proud that you done HTML5 advocacy :)

Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please remove flash videos from your website. You can use webm or ogg videos. Now we do not need to install any third party plugin to watch videos. Today, most browser can play ogg/webm videos. I cannot view you website videos, as I do not use flash player. Please use HTML5 native video support in your website.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

04 March 2011

Indian Education got stuck at Turbo C++ IDE and Windows Operating System ! Status of FOSS in Indian Schools

Thanks Kumaran for sending this mail...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kumaran R


    I'm a school student myself studying in CBSE, 11th Std., As far as
I can remember, I was taught VB and Flash in my 6th and 7th std. too,
but then I never payed much attention to it, because I was playing
with Eclipse and Blender at my home. Also, the marks are not included
for promotion (if that's the main criteria). I don't think CBSE
mandates the curriculum for CS below class 9 (have to check it up).

    I would like to say that CBSE has changed its senior secondary
curriculum to comply with Open standards. They have 2 streams - namely
CS (Computer Science) and IP (Informatics Practices). CS deals with
C++ and IP deals with the front-end and back-end connectivity.
Previously, CBSE had used VB and Oracle for the IP stream. But now,
I'm learning Netbeans w/ JAVA and MySQL. But then again, the SWING API
which we're learning now in Netbeans has become obsolete. Both the
products are owned by a single company, namely Oracle, which has
earned the wrath of many Open source enthusiasts.   The C++ that is
being taught in schools, is by using the old Turbo C++ ide. It's high
time they change it to gcc. As far as my text book is concerned it
goes like this: "Now click the start button, go to programs menu and
choose MySQL command prompt." Some of my friends whom I've asked to
switch, have asked me, "Will C++ work in Linux?" :-(

Although CBSE has mandated that the curriculum has to be based on open
standards, what is the use of having an entire open stack of
applications to learn, when your base Operating System is closed and

 With Regards,
 --Kumaran R

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Delhi NCR GeekMeetup - 4th edition at Jamia

So this is the 4th Geekup at NCR Delhi. at every Geekmeetup we choose
one college and FOSS community of NCR try to gather at one roof and
support their Local LUG. for example we had 2nd Geekmeetup at Amity
with Amity FOSS User Group. 3rd Geekup was in another educational
institute. Now the 4th Geekmeetup at Jamia with the help of Jamia FOSS
User Groups..

Thanks everybody for organising and participating regular meetups and
connecting all of us,,

Wiki page on GeekMeetup -
Conf@Jamia is a two day fest (12 and 13 March 2011), GeekMeetup will
be on 13th March 2011.

Eedit the wiki and add your speaking sessions,.,.

Please spread .......

By- Narendra Sisodiya

[Commercial] Looking for trainers for single day training in summer at very good one package at Delhi

If you are freelancer or working in a company or doing some job, then you can come to Delhi for just day to teach some students.
YUP we need experts and trainers at Delhi who can deliver lecture in FOSS Technology.
we only need 6 hours for one day training. One trainer is only allowed to work with us only for 2-3 days per month. So in nutshell we are looking for 10-15 such trainers. Trainer will be paid minimum 2000 or more for their work per day.

Write an email  to and send list of topic which you can teach. Remember you can give list of any FOSS technology or software. We do not need any CV or anything, All we need one day commitment and good training lecture.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

03 March 2011

Do it in Python : list of python package

Edit this document at -

(c)2011 Narendra Sisodiya - Released under CC-By-SA

Play with Bluetooth

  • python-bluez - Python wrappers around BlueZ for rapid bluetooth development
  • python-lightblue - cross-platform Bluetooth API for Python
  • python-obexftp - Python binding to the object exchange file transfer library

Play with Pdf Files

  • python-reportlab - ReportLab library to create PDF documents using Python
  • chm2pdf - A Python script that converts CHM files into PDF files
  • python-pdftools - PDF document reading classes
  • python-pisa - PDF generator using HTML and CSS (Python module)
  • python-pypdf - PDF toolkit implemented solely in Python
  • python-trml2pdf - Converter of Report Markup Language (RML) file to PDF

Play with Image

  • python-image-store-proxy - Image Store Proxy for the Canonical Image Store
  • python-imaging-tk - Python Imaging Library - ImageTk Module
  • python-aafigure - ASCII art to image converter
  • python-djvu - Python support for the DjVu image format
  • python-exactimage - fast image manipulation library (Python bindings)
  • python-insighttoolkit3 - Image processing toolkit for registration and segmentation - Python bindings
  • python-pythonmagick - Object-oriented Python interface to ImageMagick
  • python-stepic - Python Steganography in Images
  • python-vipscc - image processing system good for very large images (tools)
  • python-imaging - Python Imaging Librarypython-imaging-sane - Python Imaging Library - SANE interface
  • python-imaging-tk - Python Imaging Library - ImageTk Module


  • python-nipy - Analysis of structural and functional neuroimaging data
  • python-nipype - Neuroimaging data analysis pipelines in Python

Play with OpenOffice/LibreOffice

  • python-openoffice - Python libraries for interacting with
  • ooo2dbk - converts SXW documents to DocBook XML
  • python-uno - Python-UNO bridge


  • python-twisted-lore - Documentation generator with HTML and LaTeX support
  • python-plastex - LaTeX document processing framework in Python
  • python-plastex-doc - LaTeX document processing framework in Python - documentation files

Play with XML

  • python3-markupsafe - XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python3
  • python-4suite-xml - An open-source platform for XML and RDF processing
  • python-amara - Amara is a pythonic XML toolkit
  • python-chameleon - XML-based template compiler
  • python-genshi - Python XML-based template engine
  • python-jaxml - Python module for generating XML documents
  • python-junitxml - PyUnit extension for reporting in JUnit compatible XML
  • python-kid - simple Pythonic template language for XML based vocabularies
  • python-libxml2 - Python bindings for the GNOME XML library
  • python-lxml - pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
  • python-markupsafe - XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
  • python-meld3 - An HTML/XML templating system for Python
  • python-musicbrainz2 - An interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service
  • python-plist - Library for handling Apple binary and XML property lists
  • python-pygccxml - specialized XML reader reads the output from gccxml
  • python-pyside.qtxml - Qt 4 XML module - Python bindings
  • python-rdflib - RDF library containing an RDF triple store and RDF/XML parser/serializer
  • python-xmltv - allows Python applications to access XMLTV data


  • python-2play - peer-to-peer network game engine
  • python-ocempgui - graphical user interface toolkit providing widgets for PyGame
  • python-pygame - SDL bindings for games development in Python
  • python-rabbyt - sprite library for Python with game development in mind
  • python-renpy - framework for developing visual-novel type games - Python module
  • python-tofu - high-level network game engine for Python


  • python-facebook - Python wrappers for the Facebook API
  • python-twitter - Twitter API wrapper for Python
  • python-twyt - interface to Twitter API functions for Python
  • python-skype - Skype API wrapper for Python

Play with Network

  • python-libpcap - python libpcap wrapper
  • python-pcapy - Python interface to the libpcap packet capture library
  • python-pypcap - object-oriented Python interface for libpcap
  • python-nmap - Python interface to the Nmap port scanner
  • python-scapy - Packet generator/sniffer and network scanner


  • python-rsvg - Python bindings for the RSVG library
  • pyjamas-canvas - Pyjamas Python port of GWTCanvas SVG Library
  • python-pyside.qtsvg - Qt 4 SVG module - Python bindings

Play with OGG

  • python-ogg - Python interface to the Ogg library
  • python-pyvorbis - Python interface to the Ogg Vorbis library

Do Math with Python

  • python-mpmath - library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic
  • python-numeric - Numerical (matrix-oriented) Mathematics for Python


  • python-farsight - Audio/Video communications framework: Python bindings
  • python-mutagen - audio metadata editing library
  • python-pyao - A Python interface to the Audio Output library
  • python-pyao-dbg - A Python interface to the Audio Output library (debug extension)
  • python-alsaaudio - Alsa bindings for Python
  • python-aubio - python interface for aubio, a library for audio segmentation
  • python-gnuradio-audio-alsa - Python bindings for GNU Radio ALSA audio driver
  • python-gnuradio-audio-jack - GNU Radio Python JACK Audio Driver
  • python-gnuradio-audio-oss - GNU Radio Python OSS Audio Driver
  • python-gnuradio-audio-portaudio - GNU Radio Python PortAudio Driver
  • python-gnuradio-qtgui - Python bindings for GNU Radio ALSA audio driver
  • python-pymad - Python wrapper to the MPEG Audio Decoder library


  • python-farsight - Audio/Video communications framework: Python bindings
  • python-freej - realtime video mixer and linear video editor
  • python-gnuradio-video-sdl - GNU Radio SDL Interface Library
  • python-libmimic - A video codec for Mimic V2.x content (python bindings)


  • python-gst0.10 - generic media-playing framework (Python bindings)
  • python-mediaprofiles - Python bindings for the GNOME media profiles library
  • python-kaa-metadata - Media Metadata for Python
  • python-liblicense - Python bindings for library to analyze media files' license info
  • python-mlt2 - multimedia framework (python bindings)
  • python-mmkeys - Multimedia key support as a PyGTK object
  • python-moovida - Python library for the Moovida media center application
  • python-pgm - User interfaces with embedded multimedia - Python bindings
  • python-pyglet - cross-platform windowing and multimedia library
  • python-pyxine - interface to the xine media player for Python
  • python-sfml - Simple and Fast multimedia library - Python Bindings


  • python-pgsql - A Python DB-API 2.0 interface to PostgreSQL v7.x
  • python-mysqldb - A Python interface to MySQL
  • python-sqlite - python interface to SQLite 2
  • python-apsw - another Python SQLite 3 wrapper
  • python-pysqlite2 - Python interface to SQLite 3
  • python-migrate - Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy
  • python-pymongo - Python interface to the MongoDB document-oriented database
  • python-pymssql - Python database access for MS SQL server and Sybase
  • python-pyodbc - Python module for ODBC database access
  • python-redis - Persistent key-value database with network interface (Python library)
  • python-sprox - Python library to generate web widgets from database schemas
  • python-sqlobject - object relational manager providing an object interface to your database
  • python-tables - hierarchical database for Python based on HDF5
  • python-testrepository - Database of test results - python library
  • python-tz - Python version of the Olson timezone database
  • python-whisper - database engine for fast, reliable fixed-sized databases
  • python-zodb - Set of tools for using the Zope Object Database (ZODB)


  • python-slides - Python-based Slide Maker


  • python-chaco - interactive plotting application toolkit
  • python-gnuplot - A Python interface to the gnuplot plotting program
  • python-matplotlib - Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab
  • python-plplot - Python support for PLplot, a plotting library
  • python-pybiggles - Scientific plotting package for Python
  • python-qwt3d-qt4 - Python bindings of the QwtPlot3D library
  • python-viper - minimalistic scientific plotter and run-time visualization module


  • pyjamas - Python web widget toolkit and Python-to-Javascript compiler
  • pyjamas-pyjs - Pyjamas Python-to-Javascript compiler
  • python-jswebkit - WebKit/JavaScriptCore Python bindings
  • python-slimmer - HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript optimizer
  • python-tgmochikit - The MochiKit JavaScript library as a TurboGears widget


  • python-webkit - WebKit/Gtk Python bindings
  • python-jswebkit - WebKit/JavaScriptCore Python bindings
  • python-pastewebkit - port/reimplementation of Webware WebKit in WSGI and Paste
  • python-pyside.qtwebkit - Qt 4 WebKit module - Python bindings


  • python-pyside - Python bindings for Qt4 (big metapackage)
  • python-pyside.phonon - Qt 4 Phonon module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtcore - Qt 4 core module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtdeclarative - Qt 4 Declarative module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtgui - Qt 4 GUI module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtnetwork - Qt 4 network module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtopengl - Qt 4 OpenGL module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtscript - Qt 4 script module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtsql - Qt 4 SQL module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtsvg - Qt 4 SVG module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qttest - Qt 4 test module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtuitools - Qt 4 UI tools module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtwebkit - Qt 4 WebKit module - Python bindings
  • python-pyside.qtxml - Qt 4 XML module - Python bindings


  • python-opengl - Python bindings to OpenGL
  • python-pyside.qtopengl - Qt 4 OpenGL module - Python bindings
  • python-qt4-gl - Python bindings for Qt4's OpenGL module


  • python-httplib2 - comprehensive HTTP client library written for Python
  • python-twisted-web - An HTTP protocol implementation together with clients and servers
  • python-twisted-web2 - An HTTP/1.1 Server Framework
  • python3-httplib2 - comprehensive HTTP client library written for Python3
  • pygopherd - Modular Multiprotocol Gopher/HTTP/WAP Server in Python
  • python-django-swordfish - Persistent key-value database with HTTP interface (Django integration)
  • python-lazr.restful - Publish Python objects as RESTful resources over HTTP
  • python-restkit - HTTP resource kit for Python
  • python-sesame - Python wrapper for Sesame's REST HTTP API


  • python-cssutils - CSS Cascading Style Sheets parser and builder
  • python-pisa - PDF generator using HTML and CSS (Python module)
  • python-slimmer - HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript optimizer


  • python-pyquery - jQuery-like library for python


  • python-numpy - Numerical Python adds a fast array facility to the Python language
  • python-numpy-ext - NumPy adds a fast array facility to the Python language
  • python-symeig - Symmetrical eigenvalue routines for NumPy


  • python-ftdi - Python module to control and program the FTDI USB controller
  • python-usb - USB interface for Python


  • pybootchartgui - boot sequence visualisation
  • pyjamas-gchart - Pyjamas Python port of GWT GChart Charting and Graph Widget Library
  • python-gdchart2 - Python OO interface to GDChart
  • python-graphy - chart generation library for Python
  • python-pycha - chart-drawing library using Cairo
  • python-pychart - Python library for creating high quality charts
  • python-pygooglechart - complete wrapper for the Google Chart API


  • pyjamas-gmap - Pyjamas Google Maps (v3) Wrapper Library
  • python-gdata - Google Data Python client library
  • python-gflags - Python implementation of the Google command line flags module
  • python-pygooglechart - complete wrapper for the Google Chart API


  • pyjamas - Python web widget toolkit and Python-to-Javascript compiler
  • pyjamas-canvas - Pyjamas Python port of GWTCanvas SVG Library
  • pyjamas-gchart - Pyjamas Python port of GWT GChart Charting and Graph Widget Library
  • pyjamas-gmap - Pyjamas Google Maps (v3) Wrapper Library
  • pyjamas-pyjs - Pyjamas Python-to-Javascript compiler
  • pyjamas-ui - Python Pyjamas Web Widget Set library


  • python-clutter - Open GL based interactive canvas library - Python bindings
  • python-clutter-gtk - Python bindings for Clutter-Gtk


  • python-box2d - Python Bindings for the 2D Physics Engine Box2D
  • python-elements - A 2D Physics API for Python


  • python-ibus - New input method framework using dbus


  • python-dbus - simple interprocess messaging system (Python interface)
  • python-qt4-dbus - DBus Support for PyQt4


  • python-cheetah - text-based template engine and Python code generator
  • python-egenix-mxtexttools - fast text processing tools for Python
  • python-aeidon - reading, writing and manipulating text-based subtitle files
  • python-dialog - Python module for making simple Text/Console-mode user interfaces
  • python-django-markupfield - custom Django field for easy use of markup in text fields
  • python-django-tinymce - replacement text widget for Django web framework
  • python-html2text - Python module for converting HTML to Markdown text
  • python-markdown - text-to-HTML conversion library/tool
  • python-ooolib - Python module for creating OpenDocument documents (sp.sheet/text)
  • python-pastebin - Python module to send text files to pastebin web applications
  • python-polib - Python library to parse and manage gettext catalogs
  • python-progressbar - text progressbar library for Python
  • python-qtext - Qt extensions for PyQt
  • python-qtext-dbg - Qt debug extensions for PyQt
  • python-simpleparse-mxtexttools - A simple parser generator for Python - architecture dependent files
  • python-tempita - very small text templating language
  • python-textile - Python parser for the Textile markup
  • python-whoosh - pure-Python full-text indexing, search, and spell checking library
  • python-wit - wikitext translation library
  • python-zope.index - Indices for using with catalog like text, field, etc.
  • python-othman - library providing access to Quranic text with a fast search index


  • python-obexftp - Python binding to the object exchange file transfer library
  • python-tftpy - A Pure-Python library for TFTP


  • python-paramiko - Make ssh v2 connections with Python
  • python-twisted-conch - The Twisted SSH Implementation
  • python-libssh2 - Python binding for libssh2 library


  • python-html5lib - HTML parser/tokenizer based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification


  • python-jabber - Python module for the Jabber instant messaging platform
  • python-xmpp - Python library for communication with XMPP (Jabber) servers
  • python-jabberbot - easily write simple Jabber bots
  • python-pyxmpp - XMPP and Jabber implementation for Python


  • python-opencv - Python bindings for the computer vision library


  • python-openal - port for Python of the OpenAL library


  • python-objgraph - Ad-hoc tools for drawing Python object reference graphs with graphviz
  • python-pydot - Python interface to Graphviz's dot
  • python-pygraphviz - Python interface to the Graphviz graph layout and visualization package
  • python-yapgvb - Python bindings for Graphviz, using Boost.Python


  • python-gammu - Python module to communicate with mobile phones
  • python-imobiledevice - Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices
  • python-rapi2 - Make RAPI calls to a Windows Mobile device, Python bindings
  • python-rra - Library for syncing with Windows Mobile devices (Python bindings)


  • python-irclib - IRC client library for Python

InfraRed Devices

  • python-pylirc - Python bindings for Linux Infra-red Remote Control (LIRC) support


  • python-pybiggles - Scientific plotting package for Python
  • python-scientific - Python modules useful for scientific computing
  • python-scipy - scientific tools for Python
  • python-scitools - Python library for scientific computing
  • python-sidl - Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) Python runtime
  • python-viper - minimalistic scientific plotter and run-time visualization module
  • python-visual - VPython 3D scientific visualization library


  • python-sciscipy - A Python binding of Scilab

MHRD must give Tenders to FOSS Companies and avoid .NET programming language. Rs 1.6 crore goes in M$ partner.

M/s.Core Projects & Technologies Ltd., Mumbai has been awarded the contract for Design, Development, Training & Maintenance of Web Based Management Information System (MIS) on 21st February 2011 for Rs.1,65,09,986.00 plus applicable taxes.

That company is M$ Gold Partner

We will now see all the .NET code.. why cannot MHRD force them to use FOSS.

Source - :

By- Narendra Sisodiya

FOSS jobs in India -

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: FOSS jobs in India <>
Date: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 1:08 PM
Subject: FOSS jobs in India

FOSS jobs in India

[Full-time] WebApplicationDeveloper needed - 1 CSS expert and 1 CakePHP expert at ELPA Technologies


Location: Delhi


From – (Narendra Sisodiya – ) ,

Number of Post – 2

Type – Full Time

Location – Office is located at South Delhi (Lado Sarai)

we are working on a cool web2.0 idea. we are looking for a a highly energetic guy/gal.

for CSS expert, Your core skills must be – CSS, CSS3, HTML5

for CakePHP expert – Your core skills must be – CakePHP, PGSQL, Facebook connect

If you know jQuery & GNU/Linux then it will be a advantage.

Because I am good at jQuery, I am looking for two other developer. One will be responsible for CSS part. (that is look and theme-ing part of web application). Second Developer will be responsible for designing of backend of application in cakephp with PGSQL. You must be able to design web application also you must be able to connect our application with other services like OpenID login, Facebook connect and Twitter OAuth Login.

We have funds to develop the above application and also you will get good learning benefits by working with me and my start-up company.

Also All I am looking for Skills in you , your past work (if any) and not your beautiful resume. Anybody from any age can apply. Also I am looking for full time job as per industry norms.

Salary – Base Salary is 12,500/- per month and After 3 months 15,000/- per month. Candidate who are talented and committed will get equity.

Please Write to us at

Apply to this job

[Full-time] Freshers/Interns at Avagam Solutions


Location: Pune


Freshers/Interns looking to work on cloud-based products apply immediately.

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[Full-time] Web UI Developers/Designers at Avagam Solutions


Location: Pune


1-3 years experience designing websites/ Web User Interfaces. Firm knowledge of Javascript would be added advantage

Avagam is an early-stage startup working on cloud-based products

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[Full-time] PHP Developer at Avagam Solutions


Location: Pune


1-3 Years experiance. Knowledge of SugarCRM/vTiger/Wordpress/Magento would be an added advantage.

Avagam is an early-stage startup working on cloud-based products

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[Full-time] Python Developer at Avagam Solutions


Location: Pune


1 -3 Years experience. Knowledge of frameworks like Django, Web2py, pylons would be an advantage.

Avagam is an early-stage startup developing cloud-based products.

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[Full-time] Openings for PHP Talents at Valuewing Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd


Location: Chennai


Its pleasure us to get and inform you here. One of our world leading Prestigious client looking out you like well Talented PHP Professionals for Chennai location.

Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Notice period:
Current Location:
Willingness for Relocation (Chennai):
Yrs of Exp in PHP:
Exp in Database Stored Procedures/Triggers/Optimization:

Role: Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer/Analyst/Technical Lead
Exp: 3-8yrs;
Location: Chennai

Skills specification:
1) Should have hardcore hands on programming experience in PHP
2) Should have hands on experience in MYSQL – Stored Procedures/Triggers/ Optimization/Replication
3) Should have hands on experience in Database Design/development
4) Should have hands on experience in AJAX/XML
5) Should have hands on experience in Web based applications
6) Should have excellent Prior experience with Client Interaction
7) Should have amazing communication skill


Valuewing Consultancy Services (P) Ltd.

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[Full-time] Linux Admin-RBS Chennai at RBS India Development Centre (P) Ltd


Location: Chennai


Greetings!! From the RBS .

We are looking for the following Professionals for Chennai.

Linux Admin with Relevant Exp from 4 to 8 Yrs

Experience: 4 to 8 Yrs

Job Location- Chennai

Please respond with the below details attaching your latest CV

1. Total Exp:
2. Current CTC:
3. Expected CTC:
4. Current Location:
5. Joining Time:
6. Total IT Exp :
7. Relevant IT Exp:
8. DOB:

Your CV has to be emailed to

Warm Regards,
Nagendra Chamma
Group Resourcing
Technology Services India
RBS India Development Centre (P) Ltd

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[Full-time] Ed Ventures - PHP Technical Architect at Simran


Location: Hyderabad

Position : PHP Technical Architect
Skills : LAMP (PHP)
Experience : 10+ Years
Job Location : Hyderabad

Job Description:

• Strong grasp of OO principles and best practices, and tiered or
componentized functionality in distributed applications
• Experience in designing architecture of complex and challenging
LAMP applications.
• Designing and maintaining MySQL Databases and tables
• Knowledge of product-oriented framework and design
• Should have good debugging skills
• Should be aware of design patterns, unit/regression testing, code
versioning, and build management mechanisms.
• Should also posses’ knowledge of specialized techniques like
concurrency, networking, and security is desirable.
• Experience with Development and Debugging on both Windows and
UNIX based platforms.
• Able to fine tune and optimize PHP (and Perl) code.
• Knowledge on SCORM standards is a plus.
• Expertise in networking, security, shell scripting.
• Experience in Apache Web Server.
• Experience in MVC Architecture.

Note: If you are interested for the above job requisition, kindly forward your updated CV to –

Thanks & Regards,
Simran – Talent Acquisition Head

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By- Narendra Sisodiya

Mailing list guidelines for all LUGs/GLUGs/FOSS-Clubs in India

Dear all,we know there are many many FOSS/LUG mailing list in India.
But Only few mailing list maintain Guidelines -
So I request the list admin to EDIT their Footer of Mailing lists and Add following webpage .
You can also edit this webpage..
One can copypaste above mailing list guidelines and use on their website too..
But we keep on updating the guidelines so it will be great if you keep direct url rather then copy-paste.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

02 March 2011

Santhosh gets a seat in Wikipedia Language Committee

[Foundation-l] New members of Language committee
Milos Rancic millosh at - Mon
Feb 28 17:19:28 UTC 2011

I am glad to announce that Language committee is stronger for three
new members. By the time of getting their applications, the list is:

Ζαχαρίας Διακονικολάου (Zaharias Diakonikolau) (meta:User:ZaDiak)
* languages spoken: el, en-4, de-2, grc-2, pnt-1
* living in: Europe, Greece, Rhodes
* reason for inclusion: A couple of months ago Language committee
announced that it is searching for members from the [types of]
projects which don't have Wikipedia-like dynamics. Zaharias has passed
as an applicant from Wikiversity (he is admin at Beta Wikiversity and
bureaucrat at Greek Wikiversity). However, his qualifications go
further: he is actively working on creation, editing and promoting
projects in various Greek languages. Knowing that he is young, he will
be our long term investment, too.

Oliver Stegen]] (meta:User:Baba Tabita)
* languages spoken: de, en-4, sw-3 nl-1, fr-1
* living in: Africa, Kenya, Nairobi (from Europe, Germany)
* reason for inclusion: Oliver is a linguist who is working for SIL on
East African languages. We'll have one ultra-relevant expert in
LangCom thanks to Jon Harald Søby, one of the LangCom members, who met
Oliver in Nairobi.

Santhosh Thottingal]] (meta:User:Santhosh.thottingal)
* languages spoken: ml, hi-3, en-3, ta-2,
* living in: Asia, India, Chennai (Madras)
* reason for inclusion: Santhosh is a free software guru interested in
languages. He will help us in articulating projects for covering
language-related needs of Wikimedia projects.

I want to add one more point related to Santhosh. He has passed as a
LangCom member not because he is from India, but because he has
relevant expertise and right attitude. Although he speaks three Indian
languages, he has become a member of LangCom because he is a free
software guru interested in languages. Before Santhosh's application,
we would have been happy to see anyone with this qualification and
this attitude, no matter of location of birth or residence.

However, Bishakha's question and subsequent conversation helped, as it
gave impulse to Santhosh to submit the application. And that brings to
my mind that it would be good to pass the whole world periodically and
raise the geographical equality issue. And it is not a joke. That's
obviously giving people courage, or at least the idea, that they have
the same right to become members of any Wikimedia body, as any
Westerner has. Sometimes the qualifications won't be relevant for
particular position, sometimes they will.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

01 March 2011

Have you ever got any driver problem with GNU/Linux on Desktop ?

Please reply if you ever got any driver problem Desktop ???

PS: I am not asking for Laptop..

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Idea for having InputXML Or ClickXML for HTML5+

We can record mouse and keyboard activity in xml. There are many events which are resolution independent.
for example mouse clicks, button press events . Now suppose you are dealing with some animation or game or just a slideshow. what you do ? you type some buttons from mouse or keyboard. Now if you can record the timeline of these events then we can play back at anytime.
The idea is very interesting for having automated slideshows ..

            <click input="mouse" button="left" time="30" x="30" y="40"></click>
            <click input="mouse" button="left" time="60" x="70" y="40"></click>
            <click input="mouse" button="left" time="130" x="30" y="140"></click>
            <click input="keyboard" button="->" time="340"></click>
            <click input="keyboard" button="<-" time="630"></click>
            <click input="keyboard" button="Ctrlz+Z" time="980"></click>

By- Narendra Sisodiya

An Appeal to AICTE for asking MoU between Microsoft and AICTE.

As you all know that AICTE has refused to provide details MoU between Microsoft and AICTE.

This is my RTI which I filed 4 month back -
Click Here to See their response (refusal ) of My RTI -

Now I have applied for an appeal. (Yesterday, 28 Feb 2011) I went to AICTE office to submit the following appeal. SFLC-India helped me to prepare this appeal.
I request engineers of India to create a protest against the MoU.


February 28, 2011


The Appellate Authority(E-Governance) in AICTE,

7th Floor, Chanderlok Building, Janpath

New Delhi- 110 001


Sub: Appeal under Section 19 of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

Ref.: Application under the Right to Information Act, 2005 dated 21-10-2010

This is with reference to my application under Right to Information Act, 2005 dated October 21, 2010 filed before the The Central Public Information Officer, All India Council for Technical Education, 7th Floor, Chanderlok Building, Janpath, New Delhi- 110 001, for obtaining the following information:

1. Copy of the agreement signed on 15 October 2010 between between All India Council for Technical Education and Microsoft to deliver free access to development software and design software for institutions, students and faculty in India under DreamSpark program

2. Copy of the agreement signed on 15 October 2010 between All India Council for Technical Education and Autodesk to deliver free access to development software and design software for institutions, students and faculty in India

In response to my application, the CPIO has sent a letter dated January 11, 2011 refusing to provide the information requested, as per Section 8(1) of the RTI Act as the information is coming under commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual property. It is submitted that the letter does not specify reasons as to how the disclosure of an agreement entered with an organisation to provide software to students will result in giving information relating to commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual property. The CPIO has not given any justification for denying the information sought by the applicant. The letter furnished by the CPIO is not a speaking order and hence the refusal to provide information is not justifiable.

An agreement entered with an organisation to provide software to students cannot be withheld from the public citing commercial confidence as a reason. The Central Information Commission has held in Gita Dewan Verma Vs. Additional Secretary (UD) Govt. of NCT Delhi decided on 27.01.2009 that claim of 'commercial confidence' in denying access to agreements between private parties and the masters of the Public authorities,- Citizens, - runs counter to the principles of the Right to Information. The Central Information Commission has held in K.S. Jasrotia v Hindustan Steelworks Construction Limited dated 18-05-2007 that Memorandum of Understanding between two parties should not be treated as confidential papers. Hence withholding the information sought for from the applicant is unjustifiable and against the provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

As per Section 8(1) (d) of the RTI Act, 2005, there shall be no obligation to give any citizen information including commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual property, the disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a third party, unless the competent authority is satisfied that larger public interest warrants the disclosure of such information (emphasis supplied). AICTE is vested with the role of proper planning and co-ordinated development of the technical education system throughout the country. The agreement entered into by AICTE with Microsoft Corp and Autodesk has definite public interest considering the fact that it has a direct bearing on education provided to the student community. The Government of India and many State Governments have undertaken various initiatives to promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the field of education as well as governance. Recently a letter was sent by Mr. N. K. Sinha, IAS, Additional Secretary (TEL), Department of Higher Education, MHRD to AICTE and Directors/VCs of Central Educational Institutions to explore Open Source Software Solutions before adopting proprietary solutions for their academic, administrative and financial needs. A copy of this letter dated January 12, 2011 is enclosed along with this appeal. In the light of initiatives undertaken by the Government in promoting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), it is in public interest to disclose details of an agreement entered into by AICTE that could result in promotion of proprietary software. Knowledge Commons is a Non-profit organisation involved in development of Free software like SchoolOS, in collaboration with NCERT, and hence has a public interest in learning the details of such agreements entered into by the AICTE. As the information sought for is in larger public interest, the refusal to provide the information to the applicant is unjustifiable.

For the reasons stated above, I request you to quash the decision of the CPIO and to direct that the required information be furnished to the applicant at the earliest. I am enclosing a copy of the application along with this appeal.

Although the letter from the CPIO is dated January 11, 2011, it was delivered much later at my office and as I was on sick leave, I received the letter only on February 14, 2011. Considering these facts, I request you to condone the short delay in filing the appeal.


  1. Copy of application under RTI Act, 2005 dated October 21, 2010

  2. Letter dated January 12, 2011 of Additional Secretary (TEL), Department of Higher Education

Place: New Delhi

Date: 28/Feb/2011

Signature of Applicant

E-mail Address :-

Tel. No.(Office) :- 011-26693563

Mobile :- 9312166995

Postal Address :- B-130, Lower Ground Floor, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – 110 017


By- Narendra Sisodiya