23 February 2011

Please do not care about non-FOSS (Specially M$)

you might be loving "Platform Independent" term and love to see product which are platform independent. But should we really care about non-FOSS ?
the answer is No.
VLC Firefox and many other software are available in all platform. Many people use Microsoft Office even though it is not available for Linux systems. So Platform Independence is not always a imp criteria. Imagine if 15 year back from today, If All fossy guys of world  would have made a strong determination that they will never code a FOSS applications for non-FOSS platforms (Like M$) then today at 2011, we will be having GNU/Linux distro with all the very good software and on the overhand Windows user will not be having any good software atall.
This is a slow adoption model but with the slow and steady work FOSS lead to much better software.
Ex - Proprietary Technology vendor are much fanatic then us
* M$ never try to create any product for non-FOSS, we FOSS guys prepare platform-independent code
* M$ do not recognise grub but we can fix windows and mount them
* M$ do not recognise ISO standard (odt) and blindly follow its close standards
* M$ create patent and promote a FOSS-incompatible environment.
* This list is very long and prove that proprietary and close technology vendors are much fanatic for their technology and ideals.
Why we (ALL the FOSS ecosystem) should become fanatic and promote only FOSS by all means. We much follow MK Gandhi's Non-cooperation_movement and strongoly avoid anything other FOSS and open format. and

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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