24 February 2011

Please blacklist samr/amr codec based mobile Phones and Cameras

I have LG cookie mobile. when I tried to did video recording , it record in .3gp format in which it use samr codec.
SAMR codec do not play well. VLC says - its not possible to play. but in 10.10 I can play it.
ffmpeg2theora cannot convert it to ogg format. amr OR SAMR are proprietary format. OggConvert try to do this conversion but it do not convert well.
So in nutshell, I request to avoid purchasing mobile phone or Cameras which work on amr codec if you work on GNU/Linux platform.

I made a page on wiki. -
Please discuss what problems you faced with your camera and mobile. so that we can create a blacklist.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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