22 February 2011

Outreach to get people to join the Firefox 4 Launch team

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From: Gen Kanai <gkanai AT>
Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 12:37 PM
Subject: Outreach to get people to join the Firefox 4 Launch team

Hello Mozilla India community!

We are starting a project on Basecamp (a web-tool) to organize those
who wish to help with the launch of Firefox 4.  Please sign up at the
url below and we will provide you access to the Basecamp site and we
will be coordinating all of our activities there.

Hi all:  You've all done an amazing job in helping promote Firefox and
advocate Mozilla. We'd love for you to help us make the Firefox 4
launch the best yet by joining our launch team. We realize that you're
all incredibly busy but there are lots of ways to get involved and to
help spread the word about the upcoming Firefox 4 desktop and mobile

Here's how:

* Public Relations:  Help get the word out locally and on the Web.
* Events:  Host a local event or Firefox launch party.
* Social Media: Participate in and promote our social media campaigns,
or create one of your own.
* Creative Challenge:  Help design the official Firefox 4 t-shirt.
* University promotion:  Host install events and promote Firefox on campus.
* Regional launch campaigns: Create your own regional marketing
campaigns to promote the two products.

Please take a moment to sign up online here:

We'll be creating a project group on Basecamp (a web-based service)
and hosting two sessions this coming week (Thursday) to debrief on
campaign ideas and plans, as well as gather feedback. If you've
already signed up, I'll be giving you access to Basecamp as soon as
you sign up.
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By- Narendra Sisodiya

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