20 February 2011

Joint CMS or SCMS (social content management system)

I have a idea - for having a Joint CMS or SCMS (social content management system)
Here it goes - 

people normally do two thingss
* Blog/Tweet
* Upload Images/Document

we have wordpress (like, (like Twitter), (like flickr)
and there are several other FOSS applications.
If we combine and integrate all such FOSS tool to generate one mega integrate tool then there will be no need to join any proprietary services. Everybody will be using his/her domain.
For example. 

User will login to his/her  website 

All those folders (blogs,images etc) will be contains their own CMS like wordpress Gallary2 etc
Now your home pages - will be containing the updates from all links (/blogs, /status etc)

Email API can be generated example. If you send email to then it will be directly added to your gallery2.

Now you can subscribe to your friend by just giving his/her domain url - for example if you want to subscribe to me then all you need to enter my url. CMS installed on your server know path of CMS installed on my server. whenever I will update anything, it will be updated to timeline of yours CMS too - will be containing updates to all your friends which you have subscribed.
many of the functionality to facebook can also be integrated like like buttons , share, chat etc.

This is just an Idea.This will increase the adoption of FOSS tool and FOSS CMSs.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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