25 February 2011

The Idea is create FOSS KIT for on Intro to FOSS/Linux/OpenStandards for mass advocacy

Dear all,
      How about 6 hour workshop in various engineering colleges in India.
The Purpose of this workshop is to give general purpose Introduction on FOSS/Linux/OpenStandards
The material (Poster / Booklet / Book / CD / DVDs / Presentations / Speaker Session etc ) will be same at each engineering college. So organising such Intro workshop will be a routine work and can be done by some company at mass level at very low cost.
     I want a team which sit somewhere in office or college or their own rooms to generate the content collaboratively so that this "Trigger Workshop" can occur at any place by anyone.
We can plan and discuss what can be done in 6 hour.
Even If we unable to create workshop by whatsoever reason, I will be able to distribute to 10000+ college in India via IIT and MHRD but we need this FOSS KIT as this stage. I am asking for contribution. please come forward as this contribution will help lakh of student to use FOSS.
    The same is true for FOSS Poster which will be part of FOSS KIT. FOSS poster will be containing A1 sheet sized posters to giving knowledge on FOSS tools.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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