22 February 2011

Connecting Engineering Colleges via FOSSy Students

In just 2 days students from total 31 Colleges came forward to show that they have FOSS presence in their colleges and listed their name.
Still there are many colleges in the India which has good FOSS presence.
The idea to list them and connect them is to have a national community of students and colleges to work for "better foss adoption".
This is also a learning experiment. The first and most important issue we can work all together is
* Create a better FOSS programming culture in your college and create more GSOC student.
we need help GSOC community too.
There are hell lost of activities can be done which we all feel is good and give better FOSS learning and adoption in all colleges
I request other student, (even if they are alone in their college when it comes to FOSS) to please list your college name and your name.
I request all College LUGs/GLUG to list their name too. Help us to connect each other.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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