28 February 2011

Contribute FOSS with Summer internship at IIT Bombay - FOSSEE project

Summer Internship

Poster ->
Website ->

Summer internship for the Textbook companion project

The FOSSEE textbook companion project is part of the FOSSEE project at
IIT Bombay. This project is handled by the following professors at IIT

Prabhu Ramachandran (Aerospace Engg Dept), Kannan Moudgalya (Chemical
Engg Dept), Madhu Belur (Electrical Engg Dept), Mani Bhushan (Chemical
Engg Dept), PSV Nataraj (Systems and Control).

Textbook companion summer internship project can be taken up by
students in various colleges who want to undertake a summer internship
at IIT Bombay. The project will involve a teacher of the student (from
the same college) who has taught the subject for at least one or two
years. The teacher will guide the student through the project and will
be responsible for the student's submissions.

The procedure is as follows:

You should know or learn Scilab. Resources are provided here.

For use of any package (other than scilab) you should contact us
separately at
You should propose three books in order of your preference using the
proposal form available at this link (you have to  register in order
to access the proposal form).

You must ensure that the book you are proposing has not been completed
under this project or is currently being undertaken under this project
by someone else, (click Completed Books and Books in Progress to see
the respective lists). We will try to tentatively allot one of the
three proposed book. To see examples of the books that have already
been worked upon, visit Completed Books

Please note that the last date for sending codes of one typical
chapter is now extended to 18th March, 2011

It is suggested that you propose the book as early as possible and do
not wait for the last date as your favourite book may get assigned to
someone else.

After we receive your proposal (from the form in item 2 above), we
will respond within a day about which book is tentatively allotted to
you. After tentative allotment, you will submit to us all the codes
for one typical chapter within five days of the allotted book. Fill
the proposal form keeping this 5-days-constraint in mind. The
procedure and format for submitting the codes will be informed by

If you will submit correct and good quality codes then your allotment
will be final with that book. You will be intimated about the approval
or disapproval for your proposal via email within 2 days. If you are
selected then your name along with the  textbook proposed will appear
in Books in Progress.

After the final allotment you will start coding of the examples of
entire book in your college itself. You are required to send your
progress/codes to us every week at Also send the
same to your college teacher. (Note: Lack of regularity on your part
may force us to cancel your internship and the project will assigned
to another intern.)

Simultaneously, you should fill the IITB registration form (Link will
be made available soon on the website) and post it to us.

The time-frame for completion of the book coding  will be decided
between you, your college teacher and us.

You will come to IIT Bombay for one week to carry out the changes
suggested by the reviewer. The exact dates for coming to IIT Bombay
will depend upon

    Your Vacation
    Availability of accommodation at IIT Bombay
    Completion of the book
    Review of the book

Candidates who finish the report as per specified procedures at the
end of their one week stay here in IIT Bombay will get a certificate:

"Certified that the work completed is equivalent to six weeks of
training under the supervision of the faculty of IIT Bombay".

You will be given an honorarium of Rs. 10,000 for completing this work
and Rs. 5,000 to your college teacher.

For details please click here

You will have to pay all other expenses. For example, some are travel
to and from IIT, boarding and lodging, and internship registration
fees: This will be intimated.

For more details about the Textbook Companion Project, please click here.

For any further query or clarification, please contact us at the
following email address:

By- Narendra Sisodiya

27 February 2011

हिंदी और FOSS/Linux को बढावा देने के लिए क्या क्या कर सकते है ?

हिंदी और FOSS/Linux को  बढावा देने के लिए क्या क्या कर सकते है ?
कुछ विचार जो मेरे दिमाग में आते है वो ये है...

१)  लिनुक्स का एक पूरा हिंदी संस्करण बनाया जाये .. उसमे सुरु से अंत तक हिंदी ही हो. मेरा कहने का मतलब ये है कि उपभोक्ता को कोई भी software डाउनलोड ना करना पड़े. न ही कोई अलग से setting करना  पड़े.
२) इंग्लिश में लिखी लिनुक्स/FOSS कि बुक्स को हिंदी में अनुवाद करे. अनुवाद को स्तर का होना चाहिए. एक जिसमे पूरी तरह से हिंदी का उपयोग हो और दूसरी अनुवाद जिसमे हिंगलिश का उप्योह हुआ हो.. जेसे कि मेने लिखा है, कुछ कुछ terms english में होंगी. हिंगलिश को पड़ना और समझना बहुत ही आसन होगा.
३) ओपन सौर्स में हिंदी का keyboard बनाया जा सकता है. जो कि RAM को राम और Hona को होना में कोन्वेर्ट करे. गूगल एंड कुछ और website hai  (quillpad) जो ये कम करती है परन्तु वो ओपन नहीं है,
अगर मुझे सारे हिंदी शब्दों  कि लिस्ट/Database मिल जाये तो में उन सबको अपनी प्रोजेक्ट वेबसाइट पर दाल दूंगा और जब भी जो visiter आएगा उसके सामने ये लिखा आएगा
Type This word in English  (like योग्य = Yogya , बलवान = balvan)
सबको  =  [  ----------     ] ??
ये यहाँ पर user को ये शब्द "सबको" randomly मिल यहाँ वेसे ही हर user  को नए नए शब्द मिलेंगे. में एक embed script publish कर लूँगा ताकि आप लोग भी इसको अपनी websites and blogs पर जोड़ सकेंगे. धीरे  धीरे हमारे पास सारे हिंदी शब्दों का इंग्लिश वर्ड होगा. फिर इस dababase का उपयोग करके हम Egnlish se hindi ki reverse mapping कर पाएंगे , जेसा कि गूगल एंड quillpad वाले करते है.

और भी काफी कम कियाजा सकता है,, आप लोग ideas दीजिये. इसके आलावा ये भी बताये कि इन कामो को करने के लिए धन कहा से आएगा ?

By- Narendra Sisodiya

25 February 2011

Send Me Ideas about Activities of FOSIC

today we do not have FOSIC (FOSS Society of Indian College) but we are planning to have FOSIC as a central organisation which can help to promote FOSS in Colleges. I want your help, Please send me ideas what should be done to improve FOSS adaptation in India

By- Narendra Sisodiya

The Idea is create FOSS KIT for on Intro to FOSS/Linux/OpenStandards for mass advocacy

Dear all,
      How about 6 hour workshop in various engineering colleges in India.
The Purpose of this workshop is to give general purpose Introduction on FOSS/Linux/OpenStandards
The material (Poster / Booklet / Book / CD / DVDs / Presentations / Speaker Session etc ) will be same at each engineering college. So organising such Intro workshop will be a routine work and can be done by some company at mass level at very low cost.
     I want a team which sit somewhere in office or college or their own rooms to generate the content collaboratively so that this "Trigger Workshop" can occur at any place by anyone.
We can plan and discuss what can be done in 6 hour.
Even If we unable to create workshop by whatsoever reason, I will be able to distribute to 10000+ college in India via IIT and MHRD but we need this FOSS KIT as this stage. I am asking for contribution. please come forward as this contribution will help lakh of student to use FOSS.
    The same is true for FOSS Poster which will be part of FOSS KIT. FOSS poster will be containing A1 sheet sized posters to giving knowledge on FOSS tools.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

24 February 2011

Please blacklist samr/amr codec based mobile Phones and Cameras

I have LG cookie mobile. when I tried to did video recording , it record in .3gp format in which it use samr codec.
SAMR codec do not play well. VLC says - its not possible to play. but in 10.10 I can play it.
ffmpeg2theora cannot convert it to ogg format. amr OR SAMR are proprietary format. OggConvert try to do this conversion but it do not convert well.
So in nutshell, I request to avoid purchasing mobile phone or Cameras which work on amr codec if you work on GNU/Linux platform.

I made a page on wiki. -
Please discuss what problems you faced with your camera and mobile. so that we can create a blacklist.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

23 February 2011

Please do not care about non-FOSS (Specially M$)

you might be loving "Platform Independent" term and love to see product which are platform independent. But should we really care about non-FOSS ?
the answer is No.
VLC Firefox and many other software are available in all platform. Many people use Microsoft Office even though it is not available for Linux systems. So Platform Independence is not always a imp criteria. Imagine if 15 year back from today, If All fossy guys of world  would have made a strong determination that they will never code a FOSS applications for non-FOSS platforms (Like M$) then today at 2011, we will be having GNU/Linux distro with all the very good software and on the overhand Windows user will not be having any good software atall.
This is a slow adoption model but with the slow and steady work FOSS lead to much better software.
Ex - Proprietary Technology vendor are much fanatic then us
* M$ never try to create any product for non-FOSS, we FOSS guys prepare platform-independent code
* M$ do not recognise grub but we can fix windows and mount them
* M$ do not recognise ISO standard (odt) and blindly follow its close standards
* M$ create patent and promote a FOSS-incompatible environment.
* This list is very long and prove that proprietary and close technology vendors are much fanatic for their technology and ideals.
Why we (ALL the FOSS ecosystem) should become fanatic and promote only FOSS by all means. We much follow MK Gandhi's Non-cooperation_movement and strongoly avoid anything other FOSS and open format. and

By- Narendra Sisodiya

22 February 2011 website Statistics - Total 71,270 views on main page
Interesting Observations -

3 Most Visited Pages
    Main Page- 71,270
    About us - 29,336
    LUG@IITD:About - 29,334

Views total - 440,429
* Views per edit - 170.78

Average edits per page 7.14

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Outreach to get people to join the Firefox 4 Launch team

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gen Kanai <gkanai AT>
Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 12:37 PM
Subject: Outreach to get people to join the Firefox 4 Launch team

Hello Mozilla India community!

We are starting a project on Basecamp (a web-tool) to organize those
who wish to help with the launch of Firefox 4.  Please sign up at the
url below and we will provide you access to the Basecamp site and we
will be coordinating all of our activities there.

Hi all:  You've all done an amazing job in helping promote Firefox and
advocate Mozilla. We'd love for you to help us make the Firefox 4
launch the best yet by joining our launch team. We realize that you're
all incredibly busy but there are lots of ways to get involved and to
help spread the word about the upcoming Firefox 4 desktop and mobile

Here's how:

* Public Relations:  Help get the word out locally and on the Web.
* Events:  Host a local event or Firefox launch party.
* Social Media: Participate in and promote our social media campaigns,
or create one of your own.
* Creative Challenge:  Help design the official Firefox 4 t-shirt.
* University promotion:  Host install events and promote Firefox on campus.
* Regional launch campaigns: Create your own regional marketing
campaigns to promote the two products.

Please take a moment to sign up online here:

We'll be creating a project group on Basecamp (a web-based service)
and hosting two sessions this coming week (Thursday) to debrief on
campaign ideas and plans, as well as gather feedback. If you've
already signed up, I'll be giving you access to Basecamp as soon as
you sign up.
community-india mailing list

By- Narendra Sisodiya

join and work for Indian Tesseract OCR (scanned images to text )

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: M.N.S.Rao <mnsrao AT>
Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 11:26 AM

Hello group members,

Kannada is not having an OCR program to convert scanned images to text to further edit and this lack is making people to type full text for editing purposes. The advantages of OCR program need not be detailed for s/w people, but its requirement and use in enriching the language by putting the large quantity of the literature in text format on the web cannot be exaggerated. 

Having said the above I want to point out that there is a ray of hope as a free s/w Tesseract ( is a program which can be trained for any language. This feature has to be exploited and a service to Kannada can be rendered by those who are knowledgeable in s/w and love their language.

There is a very small group which is doing this work in bits. This group would like to invite more people to join.




By- Narendra Sisodiya

Connecting Engineering Colleges via FOSSy Students

In just 2 days students from total 31 Colleges came forward to show that they have FOSS presence in their colleges and listed their name.
Still there are many colleges in the India which has good FOSS presence.
The idea to list them and connect them is to have a national community of students and colleges to work for "better foss adoption".
This is also a learning experiment. The first and most important issue we can work all together is
* Create a better FOSS programming culture in your college and create more GSOC student.
we need help GSOC community too.
There are hell lost of activities can be done which we all feel is good and give better FOSS learning and adoption in all colleges
I request other student, (even if they are alone in their college when it comes to FOSS) to please list your college name and your name.
I request all College LUGs/GLUG to list their name too. Help us to connect each other.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

20 February 2011

Joint CMS or SCMS (social content management system)

I have a idea - for having a Joint CMS or SCMS (social content management system)
Here it goes - 

people normally do two thingss
* Blog/Tweet
* Upload Images/Document

we have wordpress (like, (like Twitter), (like flickr)
and there are several other FOSS applications.
If we combine and integrate all such FOSS tool to generate one mega integrate tool then there will be no need to join any proprietary services. Everybody will be using his/her domain.
For example. 

User will login to his/her  website 

All those folders (blogs,images etc) will be contains their own CMS like wordpress Gallary2 etc
Now your home pages - will be containing the updates from all links (/blogs, /status etc)

Email API can be generated example. If you send email to then it will be directly added to your gallery2.

Now you can subscribe to your friend by just giving his/her domain url - for example if you want to subscribe to me then all you need to enter my url. CMS installed on your server know path of CMS installed on my server. whenever I will update anything, it will be updated to timeline of yours CMS too - will be containing updates to all your friends which you have subscribed.
many of the functionality to facebook can also be integrated like like buttons , share, chat etc.

This is just an Idea.This will increase the adoption of FOSS tool and FOSS CMSs.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

18 February 2011

New product launched! Freeduino 7 segment LED & Relay shield

Dear Customers,

We are glad to inform you that we have recently launched a new shield for your favorite Arduino/Freeduino boards.
Freeduino Seven Segment LED display and Relay shield. For more details please visit our site or simply click this link below.

Costs INR 555.00 / EUR 9.44 / USD $ 12.07 / GBP 7.50 only

By- Narendra Sisodiya

17 February 2011

Beamer to html slideshow

Those who love beamer latex presentation, I would like to inform that there is no way to convert it into html.
It is a good if somebody work on converter for latex2html for beamer.

It is highly advised to create presentations in html based format or openoffice format.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

16 February 2011

OSHW Definition v1.0 - RELEASED!

On Feb 8, 2011, at 8:11 PM, ayah bdeir wrote:

Dear all
We are finally ready to release the Open Hardware Definition v1.0! The
definition will be released to the public WEDNESDAY FEB 9th AT
MIDNIGHT. I will post on the Open Hardware Summit page at that time,
please also help us by publishing on your sites, blogs, twitter so we
can be synchronized..
In the meantime, if you approve of the definition, you can go ahead
and endorse it:
Thanks to all! and here's to a better 1.1

By- Narendra Sisodiya

SchoolOS at Karkala Taluk, Karnataka

nice work,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chethan S <chethanuniversal AT>
Date: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 11:42 AM

Hi Narendra!

Since past two Saturday's me and some of my friends are introducing Linux to school students under the able leadership of Mr. Ashok Kumar A.(Asst. Prof., N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology, Nitte, Karkala Taluk, Karnataka). Our objective is to introduce students to the world of Free and Open Source Software. On a personal front, I am impressed by your work in promoting FOSS. I am happy to bring to your notice that one school has approached us to conduct a programme for their students the coming Saturday.

Regarding how we proceed, first we ask the students to familiarize themselves with the OS for few minutes with few inputs from us. The students don't face any difficulty at all. Later we give a formal introduction to Linux, issues like piracy, security issues, expensiveness of proprietary software are discussed. Then after a break I give my presentation on SchoolOS and simple tasks are given to students, like writing their experiences, drawing something, typing speed test etc. Students are asked questions based on presentations and whoever answers first is rewarded. Finally an online quiz is also conducted. Most of the students express their willingness to switch to Linux from Windows at the end of the session.

Now on a later date we will be conducting a "Linux Habba" meaning Linux Fest which will be a full day event. We plan to explain students about the ease of installing Linux, showcase various possibilities of Linux etc. Since you have the experience of introducing SchoolOS to wide variety of students I would like to hear your suggestions.

Meanwhile, I have deleted my slideshare account where I had posted my 1st week's presentation since I plan to host further presentations on Google Docs. The updated presentation is now available at


Chethan S.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

15 February 2011

Delhi/NCR Python Users Group India - Started

Dear All,
             I am happy to announce that a new  Python usergroup is
created for  Nation Capital Region consisting  of * NCT Delhi *
Haryana * Rajasthan *Uttar Pradesh .

Do join us on the mailing list for " NCR Python Users Group India ".

Mailing List :

Wiki Page :

This mailing list is for all those who want to know about  "What is
Python?", "How to learn it?" as a beginner etc..

If you are a  Python Geek, then please join with us and share your
Python coding stuff. So that all of us can improve our Python

By- Narendra Sisodiya

14 February 2011

AICTE refused to give details of MoU between Microsoft and AICTE (with image)

sorry, I have forget to add image in last post.
As we know - AICTE ( ) has made some sort of MoU with Microsoft and Autodesk .

This is a great danger to FOSS community. AICTE in 2008, there were 2388 approved engineering colleges, with a total student intake capacity of 8.2 lakh students.
AICTE is just selling ( ) these engineering student.  learning proprietary skills is not needed in todays competitive market where we have a huge scope for FOSS based skill set. Almost every company has shifted towards FOSS (Free and OpenSource Software). 495 Super-Computers out of 500 runs on GNU/Linux.
I have filled up an RTI some month ago to AICTE for the discloser of MoU to AICTE ( ) but they have refused to give details of MoU.
It is very important to know that Indian MHRD has clearly suggested "using FOSS" to AICTE and all central educational institutions (see & )
We the digital freedom fighters, must oppose the AICTE for their "non-support" for FOSS and supporting vendor based education system.
Please write to director AICTE for asking support for FOSS

To ,
Dr. D. V. Derle
Director & CPIO
All India Council for Technical Education
7th Floor, Chanderlok Building
Janpath, New Delhi- 110 001

and do not forget to send/printout this letter of MHRD ( OR ) to all the student/teacher/director of colleges who are affiliated with AICTE. If you are a student then just take a printout and affix on your college. nobody is going to give death imprisonment for doing this.. Just do it.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

AICTE refused to give details of MoU between Microsoft and AICTE

12 February 2011

Know about Indian FOSS Fighters part 1 - Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman, MP from DMK representing Vellore in Tamilnadu.
He is well versed and committed to FOSS
read about him at

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Indian Govt MHRD said "Use FOSS" to AICTE & Directors and VCs of Central Universities.

Download now or preview on posterous
FOSS.pdf (88 KB)

Huge Thanks to Mr N K Sinha (Additional Secretary (TEL)) for sending this letter to various educational institutes and specially AICTE for adopting SciLab and many other FOSS tool.
I would like to request everybody who read this email/blog to download this one page pdf and paste it to your college notice board.
Please do it.
Read it Online -

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prof Kannan Moudgalya <>

Dear All,

I have a good news.  Please see in the attachment a copy of the letter sent by Mr. N. K. Sinha, IAS, Additional Secretary (TEL), Department of Higher Education, MHRD to AICTE and Directors and VCs of Central Universities.

In this, Mr. Sinha suggests that the academic institutions should explore open source equivalent for academic, administrative and financial requirements, before going to proprietary solutions.

We should spread this word. 


By- Narendra Sisodiya

07 February 2011

Posting denied , is not for or any M$ technology Re: Verification issue

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Narendra Sisodiya
To: HR Collidersoft

Hi is not created for promoting any M$ non-free technology specially .NET. We only support free and opensource technologies.
Please do not post job related to Windows or .NET.


On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 9:35 AM, HR Collidersoft <> wrote:
Hi Narendra,

Thanks for activating. However, when I click the link to view my job its shows job unavailable.

Please check and let me know.


On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Narendra Sisodiya <> wrote:
posting done...
sorry for delay because it is a free service !!
If you can review or how it helped you then it will be a great help.
Thanks !

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 11:32 AM, HR Collidersoft <> wrote:
Hi Narendra, 

Thank you for the free job posting in FOSS jobs. 

I have already posted a job 2 months back and this email id was sent to verification and then my job posting was displayed.

However, now I have posted a job for another position but I get the same email of verification of my email id. I believe this will take a week to get displayed. But my requirement is urgent.

Can you please look in to this and approve my job posting?

Collidersoft Technology Services Pvt. Ltd

By- Narendra Sisodiya

04 February 2011

New page started - FOSS Tenders in India

Dear All, we have started a new page in LUG@IITD wiki.
If you find any good tendor where FOSS is applied then please list here.
- Gaurav Palival

By- Narendra Sisodiya

01 February 2011

OEM + India + Ubuntu

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prakash Advani
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 11:21:37 +0530
Subject: Re: [ubuntu-in] Netbooks - suggestions and advise

I have a few suggestions here.. My job at Canonical requires me to work
with OEMs such as the ones you have mentioned to ship with Ubuntu. I
thought I will reply to some of the discussions in come common email.

Here are few options.

Dell has Ubuntu options, they launched a new model M101Z, this one has
Win7 + Ubuntu Light which is a small foot print Ubuntu, that boots up
quickly and has a Unity interface for browsing, music.. etc..

Ubuntu pre-installs are now available in India from HCL, Wipro, eSys
(Range Wizard), Simmtronics, Dell and Lenovo..

If you don't get them in your favourite model and if there is a larger
requirement, do let me know.

If you need smaller quantities its better to ask the vendors directly.
The more people ask them, better for us :)

Also some of them have DOS options, not as good as pre-installed Ubuntu
as you may run into driver issues. But would save you on Windows
licensing (tax) if you are not going to use Windows.

The challenges with these companies are they Don't know how to Sell
Ubuntu, they struggle with Demos and hence don't promote it.

If we can form a group of people willing to help them demo Ubuntu in
different cities, we can made a difference.

What is needed for Ubuntu enthusiasts need to go and explain Ubuntu to
general users. OEMs need this support at stores, exhibitions, boots, etc.

If people are interested, let me know .. we can create a list of people
willing to help, cities and availability. Like someone may be available
only on a weekend or evening.

I can then circulate it to these companies.

in a few months Ubuntu will be more commonly available..:)


On 01/24/2011 07:10 PM, Ramnarayan.K wrote:
> Hi
> Some friends are planning to get them selves netbooks - they asked me
> to do the research and also install an appropriate Linux OS. My choice
> being an Ubuntu netbook version
> There is a cost constraint - so we narrowed down to a few models those
> what offerec DOS (none seem to be offering linux)
> 1. Asus EEPC N455 1015
> Intel Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 10" Display,Wifi, Bluetooth,
> Camera, No Optical Drive, Win XP Home
> Cost Rs 14,500 + 5% VAT
> 2. Samsung N480
> Intel Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 10" Display,Wifi, Camera, No
> Optical Drive, DOS
> Cost Rs 14,500 + 5 % TAX
> 3. Samsung N150 You can see details here
> Intel Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 10" Display,Wifi, Camera, No
> Optical Drive, Win 7 Starter
> Cost Rs 15,500 + 5 % TAX
> 4. Lenovo S10 Model NB59-051325 You can see details here
> Intel Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 10" Display,Wifi, Bluetooth,
> Camera, No Optical Drive, Win 7 Starter
> Cost Rs 16,400 + 5 % TAX
> I have discarded dell as an option because their quality sucks. the
> link to the Lenovo is provided because it think they have one of the
> best devices.
> As far as system specs go they are all pretty similar.
> **
> It seems cost and specs wise the Samsung N480 seems a good buy
> (costing just a shade over 15 K) having a 250 gig HD and 1 GB RAM.
> Along with all the other connectivity specs.
> **
> I know asus and lenovo's are generally compatible with Linux OS,
> however am not sure about Samsungs (generally or specifically to this
> model)
> Am concurrently doing a google search on reviews and views but would
> appreciate inputs from list members on good netbooks price range 14 -
> 16 K) and on samsungs as experienced by you,
> thanks
> ram

By- Narendra Sisodiya