23 January 2011

If any state govt is not using GNU/Linux then believe me it is just a corrupt govt

Friends, If you do not know then Let me tell few things about GNU/Linux
1) GNU/Linux and World of OpenSource contains a huge amount of tool and operating system for school education and that too a free of cost. visit
2) All such things do not have any problem of virus.
3) almost all Opensource Tools are available free of cost too.

I have see state govt which are purchasing 20,000 desktop for various schools and paying 15,000 INR license fees per desktop. You can calculate the amount of wastage of money which is done by govt.
SchoolOS Or any Other Linux based distro is capable of saving more then 50Crore per stage of India or any other country. If you govt is not adopting it, Believe me, your stage govt is corrupt and fraud and ministers are eating money.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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