12 January 2011

FSF donation drive at GeekMeetup at Delhi/NCR #FSF #FreeSoftware

I will be speaking on 16 Jan 2011 on Why we should donate to FSF for 10 minutes.

We are starting a donation drive for FSF on 16 Jan 2011 at Geek Meetup -
Cash collected during meetup will be transferred of the Credit Card
Holder the he will transfer money to FSF account during meetup itself
using his credit card.
Everything will happen on the stop itself so loopholes..

Almost 50+ people are coming, one can donate from 50 INR to 5000 INR.
It depends on your pocket money. So Lets make donation to one of the
most important organization who is still fighting for digital freedom.

If you are unable to attend the meetup and want to donate to FSF, then
you do it online -

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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