24 December 2010

Please do not use Flash Browser ! It is not belongs to web. Use HTML5

have you heard about - ? This is a plugin which give you power of chrome browser inside IE. So basically this kind of act is fooling a browser and load their browser. Google did in right way, They first made Browser and then a plugin to encourage HTML5. Adobe did in wrong way. They create a new technology (http+flash) which is not (http+html). They created a browser, but they released as plugin to infect all browsers.

Somehow Adobe's definition of "FlashPlayer" also says "Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime"

Adobe wanted to make a better web by replacing the html technology. Which was a wrong method. You should not create close protocol and close software to replace open protocols. One can always enhance open protocols.
What Adobe and Microsoft do, we call it a monopoly.

On my desk, I have 100+ CD, created by Madhya Pradesh for school student, See the Pic attached ,
A huge money was invested to create these CDs, all these CDs, contains flash flies. I cannot play these files without using flash player.. Adobe always release newer version of flash browser and everybody has to upgrade, All old content , like these 100+ CDs of govt will become a waste.

So, Please uninstall flash and tell everybody not to use flash.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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