03 December 2010

Openness in 3G Video telephony ?

I believe in technical openness. Its is the time we need to think on Video telephony implementation. Video telephony can be achieved using two methods
1) VOIP over 3G Internet using SIP protocol
2) 3G-324M protocol

What your mobile network want you to adopt is the second option. Because in second option the control goes into the hand of mobile network.
Wikipedia entry give a horrible picture where I see lots of things. It simply do not mention anything about ogg or any open format. Infact the 3G-324 is a patented technology like CDMA
Mobile network develop and work on these technology in very close and monopolist way. So guys, It time to say No to 3G-324M and all other patented technologies because we will be dependent on cellular telephony provider.

We can use 3G Internet and tell cellular telephony provider that "just provide us Internet, can be do better". Over this fast Internet, we can use SIP protocol based VOIP telephony.
Use Ekiga or SIPDroid ( ) for your VOIP telephony and decard the use of proprietary voip like skype/fring etc.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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