08 December 2010

How smartly i read all Linux and other mailing list.

I am using 2 email id. One email id is narendra AT and other is hidden to world.

I use my first email id for communication, But I joined various mailing list related to FOSS/linux etc
So i create a filter in my first email id. This filter forward all the mailing list to my second hidden email id and delete emails. This make a clean inbox.
Now In second hidden email id, I can read all the mailing lists. from the setting panel of second email id, I have added reply-as option as first email id. So even though i am reading emails in second inbox , i can read reply them as from original email id ( narendra AT ).
Now in second email id, I have create a fliter, Linux. I have selected some important mailing list and filtered into a LABEL: Linux so for reading all the imp mailing list's email, I click
lable:Linux  For reading other then this lable, I use -lable:Linux ., putting a - (negative)  sign infront to label ,
I have a 2 blog,
1) Community blog, 2) Personal blog

Community blog  is created using posterous , just by forwarding or writing an email to, I can publish things on my community blog, It automatically publish on personal blog too,

I am using Twitterfeed which automatically do lots of job for me
0) Twitterfeed take feed from My personal blog and update twitter
1) Twitterfeed take feed from twitter and update Identica, facebook and

forget to mention about Flickr. I have a personal posterous accunt too, Whenever I send any set of image as attachment to posterous , posterous update all images it on Flickr. I have also connected my account with facebook and twitter, So whenever I read book/article, I just readcast and it again goes to twitter and then facebook.

I can read comments from
(a) facebook, (b) blogs, (c) twitter, (d) mailing list (e) identica {all on my very same inbox}

I live in my inbox and I love my inbox..

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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