04 December 2010

Help us to create a Book on "Fun with Computers using FOSS"

Call for Chapter - can we produce a great book using our collaboration ?

SchoolOS is a Operating System for schools. Its latest SchoolOS-2.0 going to be released in Jan/2011 with new updates. We are focusing on following 44 applications

We need your help

  • We need your help in creating tutorial/videos so that these tutorial can be shipped alongwith SchoolOS DVD as resource material.
  • Here is the procedure to participate
  • Select an application out of 44 for which you are going to work and tell us on schoolos mailing list OR mail narendra AT So that we can contact you regularly.
  • learn the tool first
  • search previous blogs and tutorials over that tool
  • List all at one place and try to reuse them. always give us url of source too
  • Create a Good tutorial over in ODT/HTML/Wiki (you can use thiswiki too), We have created basic introduction to all the packages for quick start
  • Use webcam/camera and gtk-recordmydesktop to create tutorial over it.
  • Just devote 1-2 hour for working on this project. In one month you can create a great resource for students of India.
  • Do not work alone, always take help from friends and create small group to work on bigger application.
  • If some application is missing them please let us know.
Now visit this page  -

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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