15 December 2010 end. can we have in every city of India using SchoolOS ?

This edition of is last. I am not happy because i never got change to attend it. But here I want to express something about a project. It is not my own project, This project started initial by SUN and long back initial version was done on Solaris for NCERT. - , and from last one year, we are continuing this project to advocate FOSS in schools.

FOSS community in India is small. FOSS advocacy is also small in India. India is investing good money in ICT overhauling and children from small age are going to learn commuter. It is very essential to us to give them a try for GNU/Linux otherwise they will be trapped into pirate software jail forever. After 14 year when they were having first seminar on FOSS/Linux they will find it interesting because from last 14 year they were using Pirated Windows and nobody came into their school to advocate for GNU/Linux and showcase its beauty during this.
Population of School Student is 10 to 100 times bigger larger then College Student. Also the school student are smarter at learning new things.

If you bring GNU/Linux to all school of your city and enable them and make them as a part of our foss community, we will be seeing at every city of India.
Yes, It is time to promote GNU/Linux. Because companies are not doing so. GNU/Linux depends on us.

When we started this project we have not thought for creating any FOSS Distro. We started with Ubuntu and other Distro. Everytime we deployed somewhere like neighbor kids or somewhere, we faced problem. the major problem we faced was there is no one click offline installation of software and there is no support system exist which can help student.

We realised that we must start a umbrella project which help for following things

* an Customised Distro for SchoolOS which contains everythings
* Innovative help and customization - for example SchoolOS Desktop contains How to install.pdf file which give instant help in installing. Desktop has shortcut for launching "gnome control center". We are also preparing a newbies tutorial which help in quickstart on GNU/Linux like shutdown/logout, how to set ip  because many newbies find difficult to locate network manager and set IP. we have added nautilus script and even wrote some of the script too.
* Ebooks - Custom distro (aka SchoolOS) contains Ebooks too. We have collected from various location and now student can read it.
* further plans we are trying to add wikipedia too.
* Textbook and Video Production on various topics.

So, we are some bunch of guys who want to put GNU/Linux on schools. Your small contribution will make a difference.. So Please work with us and promote project SchoolOS.

Visit - to know more about SchoolOS project

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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