27 December 2010

For Indian Debian Lovers like me - Please join its mailing list

Please join Indian Debian mailing list -

I am now migrating from Ubuntu to Debian because Debian give all things which ubuntu provide in a stable form.
Debian has three branch
1) Stable
2) Testing
3) Unstable..

Ubuntu and other product are derived from Unstable branch and meant for mass testing,
Ubuntu never cared about bug and stick to time table, the famous 10/10/10 release were having bugs and they released because they wanted to release it on time.

Above all, I do not to live with a OS which is controlled by a company who is targeting on MacOS. Look and feel and behavior of ubuntu is going towards mac os.
I want to devote my rest of the life for advocating and improving Debian in India.

Those who want a better look and feel can try latest mint which is also based on debian  -

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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