15 December 2010

Creative Commons License is not made for you : Here is something better

Well,  is this my first article against Creative Commons License. actually not. I am not against any license scheme. I want to express in this article is creative commons and anyother license is not made for you - (the normal public). There are better license exist which can help you for creative a better world.
Lets us first discuss some of the things.

For whom this article made for
       This article is made for user who have small understanding over license and other similar thing. But we are the guys who create some resource like write article, post on our facebook wall, we create good tutorial by discussion on mailing list. we even blog, one or two article per day. We are the typical person who want to live in a world where we can reuse other content of the world. We want to reuse the content may be for presentation, may be for any other purpose. We create content and we give to world, we do not want to care about who use this content and in what manner. we even do not to have our name on the content because even if somebody knows my name what he hell I will gain out of it. At the same time , we are reusing content of other too. we really like one lick sharing button of every things to my network and we got fed up of all moronic license which are difficult to understand. Till date, I am able to understand only single license which is -- which is  "copyright , all right reserved". we understand this license and we never reuse or do anything which this kind of notice. we observed that there are several licenses exist in the world. we live in FOSS communities where Creative Commons is a respectful license so we are just using it without reading it text. we have tried 1-2 times to read and understand it but we failed to do so. Creative License has country wise version. For example CC-By-SA-2.5-In or CC-By-SA-2.5-uk. To my knowledge remixing of license from different countries is not clear. we have to re-read again and again and get some legal advice to remix content of two license which are separated by counties. Even we do not know how to remix CC-By and CC-By-SA. When we tried to remix content, we face a hell lot of problem. Problem is - "If you increase the text of license, it kill you".
Creative commons have some bad terms. Some guys put "NC" - non-commercial over their content. Share-Alike is itself a non-commercial. When everybody has right to do same thing then automatically price reduce. For example, if somebody want to sell your article then yes, selling is not bad. he has to recover price of printing page. Good part is everybody is allowed to do so, so automatically price reduce even if you do not put any NC clause.
We even are so much dump that we even do not know how to give proper attribution. We want to live in a world where we write our content under certain license so that anybody from this world can reuse it in any manner. we understand the problem like if somebody just want to copy paste one paragraph from each of 10 articles then it will be difficult to attribute properly. So we people do not want  to say anything on attribution. We says just use it. at the most we are happy with giving a back link like some of the content are used from this source - "" but this is an optional step.
We people understand that public domain is not valid in some countries otherwise we would have chosen public license for work.
so, we want a license which is very near to public domain and definition should so small that it should never give any confusion over reusing contents.
One Last comment : we want to make it viral.

The Answer
       I do not have good legal understanding, but I thing following License will be vaild in all countries. Do let me know what you feel about this license scheme. 

+++++++++++ Start ++++++++++++
(c) 2010, Narendra Sisodiya, This work is release under NPDL license. 

Terms and Conditions of NPDL License:
Permission is hereby granted, to use/reuse this work in any manner, provided any use/reuse of the work must be released under NPDL license.

+++++++++++ end  ++++++++++++

Replace you name, year and your website, if you want to use this license for your work.
NPDL is a viral license. It says, you are allowed to do anything with the work but it pause a condition that resulting work should contains the same license.

ReUse of NPDL Content
       If You find two 10 article which are released under NPDL, then you can reuse it in any manner. All you need to put a common license notice. Best thing is adviced is to give credit it in terms of url of source. If somebody do not delete the license text (which is the header) then you can take photocopy, scan it or do any thing withit. Without even thinking for it legality to do so. You can even reuse the NPDL licensed articles into any other license. for example if you are writing a book  then you can says - "copyright, all right reserved to author but some section are released under NPDL. See the list of these section at the end of book".
One thing you cannot do it to reuse other copyright work for NPDL. for example you cannot take a CC-By-SA image and release under NPDL license. NPDL is best for incremental wiki or knowledge resources where everyone put their small contribution.

One Last word, Imagine the world where a huge amount of knowledge is available under NPDL license. Next generation will thanks a lot to us who will create this new world of instant sharing without any hurdle

Please write your thought on it. I am not a lawyer so I cannot give 100% legal advice. Write to me at
narendra AT

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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