08 December 2010

Adding mathjax support to Kile or Latex2html and other help need in FOSS+Math domain

Mathjax is a cool library - you can display latex formula webpage,
when i attended some meetings in NCERT, Math teacher who were having a good knowledge of math told me some problems 

1) Kile or Latex2html generate webpage but they put image for using formula instead of MathML : So Student can work on this idea, they can add support of MathML into latex2html using mathjax library -  It won't take much time to integrate

2) Geogebra animation : I have not tested but they were saying , you can export animation from Geogebra and it will be using java. Those who want to work on a project can take this idea to modify geogebra and create SVG animation , I can give help because i have already worked on SVG animations

3)  HotPototos alternative ? HotPototos is a proprietary tool. you can store MCQ and generate objective exam, I do not know the alternative but if you want  , I can guide for this project. 

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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