12 November 2010

Why local user group, its time for GCI (Group for common Interest) too

In India, we have LUG for many place/institutes. culture is almost same. One thing I am not happy is we all repeat same thing again and again. For example If somebody is facing a problem in Ubuntu and he ask in his local user group and try to solve the problem. Or If there is a some generic purpose email then we try to forward in every daam possible mailing lists. If their is a generic email then post on FOSSCOMM mailing list or if there is a discussion for meeting/workshop then post on local user group. Also, why post job email to every daam possible mailing list where is or fossyellopages (by LFY) is doing good job.

We must setup interest based learning group. for example , a Indian HTML5 user group , Ubuntu India or Fedora India.. We must setup Interest based mailing list like Drupal User group, Arduino user group india, PhpLovergroup India, So that we can see focused and common interest based people thus meetups and thus workshop/seminar like Delhi Drupal meetup 1,2,... etc.

You can start creating Interest based groups on facebook  like
PHP Programmer group on facebook , or just Programmers etc... Select whatever medium you want like twitter or orkut or mailing list..
mailing list might be heavy for this purpose.. I am talking about small but dedicated teams... If team is big like "Drupal user group" then mailing is Ok.

The purpose of GCI (Group for common Interest) is to create a small platform - says 3-4 but dedicated people who are want to learn or want expertness in a given area and actively participate. More or less I am talking about Small or medium sized activity based interest groups..

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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