27 November 2010

Intern Student need at ELPA for Air-pen and Virtual mouse

If you see the attached screenshot, you will find small setup.

1) One Infrared pen
2) One IR camera - opened in Cheese

You can see, I have turned on the IR pen, (which i holding in hand), you cannot its light because IR is not visible, however it is visible using IR camera, See Cheese and a white dot inside it. By using this DOT, one can write on air, OR it can be behaved using virtual mouse pointer.
Now I want a intern student who wish to work on this project.  Student is suppose to work on gstreamer API which will read Camera images and locate the position of DOT and create mouse event accordingly.

1) student from home are not allowed, They have to sit in office to work
2) student without laptop are not allowed.
4) naive and novice student are not allowed, you must be a linux user from atleast 6 month.
5) good performance can give job at EPLA in later stage
6) student are requested to write at

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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