18 November 2010

ELPA is here ! My Company and My Vision #elpa #nsisodiya

       Here is the first and short blog on my first company "ELPA Technologies". (no website).

       ELPA is an Indian Company, It is registered as "Proprietary Firm" for Hardware & Software Sells and FLOSS consultancy. I am operating from Delhi and northern region. I initially trying to have a Non-profit structure and getting earning from it.  but Now I have decided to have a fully for-profit company rather then depending on Grants/Donations from Govt or other things as in India getting money is not an easy task(at-least for me).  Also more important I want to become independent so that I can do my RnD work in FOSS.
       Apart for giving training and consultancy to some security projects I am looking forward to service like pre-installed Linux Desktop and Laptop where you will get everything working perfectly+1 year service contract. Mass installation of Linux in school colleges etc. Same time I am looking for giving development of HTML5/ajax/ based application (because i don't want to loose my expert development skillset). There is a huge list of things which i can perform well..

        My vision is clear : "To support FOSS/Linux as much as I can and getting money from it"

right now, I have two office : Delhi (Malviya Nagar) & Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh ).

So If you have such kind of requirement in your company , college or startup then you ask for quotation.

PS: I am already associate with many non-profit work, like LUG@IITD, SchoolOS & Its community development, Project Eduvid , and many other things. These will not be affected as I will be working on these project too. I am making a strong commitment to give 20% resource (money, man-power etc) to all such community related projects. All those student who worked me for various projects can ask for certification now. New pool of student who want to learn Linux and develop foss project can contact me on my email id personally.

PS: Those who want to get associated with ELPA, send me mail offline.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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