20 November 2010

Call for Authors for Book | Openness and Access: An India Survey

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Date: Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 7:42 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] Call for Authors for Book | Openness and Access: An India Survey
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Dear all,
The Centre for Internet and Society is planning to bring out a book
charting out the state of various kinds of 'opennesses' in India,
tentatively titled "Openness and Access: An India Survey".  This book
will include India-focussed surveys of Open Access to Law, Open
Government Data, Open Access to Scholarly Literature, Open Educational
Resources, Open Standards, Free/Open Source Software, and Open Content,
each of which will be a self-contained chapter in the book.  We are
presenting an open call for researchers for each of these surveys.

Each of the surveys will broadly have to include:
1) Literature review
2) Policy scan
3) Institutional scan
4) Project scan
5) Case studies and interviews
6) Observations, analysis of policy tensions and recommendations
7) Directory of stakeholders
8) Further readings

Each survey, depending on the subject matter and the scope agreed to
between the researcher and CIS, is expected to be roughly between 22,000
words and 35,000 words.  The deadlines of these projects will, of
course, vary, but they will range from between two months and four. Each
researcher will be given a separate travel bursary on a need basis,
which will be agreed upon at the commencement of the research.

The exact remuneration for each survey depends on the extent of the
project as is finally worked out between the researcher and CIS, but the
following can be taken to be indicative:
1) Open Access to Law ~ Rs. 50,000
2) Open Government Data ~ Rs. 50,000
3) Open Access to Scholarly Literature ~ Rs. 80,000
4) Open Educational Resources ~ Rs. 80,000
5) Open Standards ~ Rs. 50,000
6) Free and Open Source Software ~ Rs. 80,000
7) Open Content ~ Rs. 80,000

If you have a background in research, academics, or policy analysis and
would be interested in working on one of these, please write in to
Pranesh Prakash <> by Tuesday, November 30, 2010,
with a copy of your résumé, your specific interests in the area, and a
writing sample.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

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