27 November 2010

Intern Student need at ELPA for Air-pen and Virtual mouse

If you see the attached screenshot, you will find small setup.

1) One Infrared pen
2) One IR camera - opened in Cheese

You can see, I have turned on the IR pen, (which i holding in hand), you cannot its light because IR is not visible, however it is visible using IR camera, See Cheese and a white dot inside it. By using this DOT, one can write on air, OR it can be behaved using virtual mouse pointer.
Now I want a intern student who wish to work on this project.  Student is suppose to work on gstreamer API which will read Camera images and locate the position of DOT and create mouse event accordingly.

1) student from home are not allowed, They have to sit in office to work
2) student without laptop are not allowed.
4) naive and novice student are not allowed, you must be a linux user from atleast 6 month.
5) good performance can give job at EPLA in later stage
6) student are requested to write at

By- Narendra Sisodiya

send sms from laptop/PC

I have just sent sms from PC, Here is the procedure

first install
sudo apt-get install gnome-phone-manager blueman

1) Create Pairing
2) Open  blueman-manager
Right click on mobile and create Dialup-Services (see fig)
3) Now open Phone-manager
4) It will go to notification area (see fig) Right click on preference
5) Click on Phone connection -> Bluetooth ->  select mobile (see fig)

After this you can send sms using phone manager ,


By- Narendra Sisodiya

26 November 2010

Best way to contribute SchoolOS or Other Indian edu-FOSS Distro

1) Choose a school or student
2) Install Ubuntu or SchoolOS (highly recommended)
3) They will face small and silly problem.
4) Do not just solve them, mail these all silly and small problems which play a big hurdle in FOSS/Linux adoption. So that we can solve these problem in next release.

Please do this, India need FOSS and FOSS depends on us !!

By- Narendra Sisodiya

24 November 2010

Trun gedit into C++ Compiler !

cd ~
mkdir -p  ~/.gnome2/gedit/tools
nautilus ~/.gnome2/gedit/tools

Now Download "compile and run" file and paste into this directory

chmod +x ~/.gnome2/gedit/tools/*

Open gedit again.

Click here to download:
compile (0 KB)

Click here to download:
run (0 KB)

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Trying out debian on 7inch Tablet.

Trying out debian.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

download all pdf from a url using bash

Add this function to your bashrc and from command line you will be
able to download all pdf

downloadallpdf() {
for i in $(lynx -dump $1 | sed -ne '/ http/,//p' | grep -F .pdf |
grep -o http.* | sort -u); do wget -c $i; done

Ex -

Will download the pdf given at the above page.

If you know any better solution then post here !!

PS:This command is added in schoolos now. Post me other usability tip
so that we can improve linux

By- Narendra Sisodiya

20 November 2010

[Commercial] Call for Writers: Linux and Open Source

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Abhijit Paul <>
Date: Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 8:23 PM
Subject: [Ilugc] [Commercial]: Call for Writers: Linux and Open Source

Hi Friends,

I represent, a Linux and Open Source web magazine. We are now
open to content contribution from external authors. We would like to invite
you to write for Muktware and help us spread the word about FOSS.

We are looking for articles around Free and Open Source technologies. The
main goal of Muktware is to inform users about the benefits of Free and Open
Source technologies. You can send us articles under following categories:

  - Opinion/Blogs
  - Tips & Tricks
  - Smartphone reviews
  - Distro Reviews
  - Technical Articles on hardware & software.
  - Product reviews
  - HowTos
  - Case Studies

We pay a flat rate of *US $10 *or (INR 450) per article. The payment will be
made via PayPal within 24-48 hours of the publication.

Check the new “*PaidAuthor* <>” program if
you want to become a regular contributor of Muktware. *Regular contributor
can earn up to $50 per story with ever increasing payments.

*If you have any query or if you are interested in writing for Muktware, you
can also drop us a mail at *' '.

*Looking forward to working with you!

Best Wishes!

Abhijit Paul Choudhury
ILUGC Mailing List:

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Call for Authors for Book | Openness and Access: An India Survey

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pranesh Prakash <>
Date: Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 7:42 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] Call for Authors for Book | Openness and Access: An India Survey
To: Indian FOSS Community Network list <>

Dear all,
The Centre for Internet and Society is planning to bring out a book
charting out the state of various kinds of 'opennesses' in India,
tentatively titled "Openness and Access: An India Survey".  This book
will include India-focussed surveys of Open Access to Law, Open
Government Data, Open Access to Scholarly Literature, Open Educational
Resources, Open Standards, Free/Open Source Software, and Open Content,
each of which will be a self-contained chapter in the book.  We are
presenting an open call for researchers for each of these surveys.

Each of the surveys will broadly have to include:
1) Literature review
2) Policy scan
3) Institutional scan
4) Project scan
5) Case studies and interviews
6) Observations, analysis of policy tensions and recommendations
7) Directory of stakeholders
8) Further readings

Each survey, depending on the subject matter and the scope agreed to
between the researcher and CIS, is expected to be roughly between 22,000
words and 35,000 words.  The deadlines of these projects will, of
course, vary, but they will range from between two months and four. Each
researcher will be given a separate travel bursary on a need basis,
which will be agreed upon at the commencement of the research.

The exact remuneration for each survey depends on the extent of the
project as is finally worked out between the researcher and CIS, but the
following can be taken to be indicative:
1) Open Access to Law ~ Rs. 50,000
2) Open Government Data ~ Rs. 50,000
3) Open Access to Scholarly Literature ~ Rs. 80,000
4) Open Educational Resources ~ Rs. 80,000
5) Open Standards ~ Rs. 50,000
6) Free and Open Source Software ~ Rs. 80,000
7) Open Content ~ Rs. 80,000

If you have a background in research, academics, or policy analysis and
would be interested in working on one of these, please write in to
Pranesh Prakash <> by Tuesday, November 30, 2010,
with a copy of your résumé, your specific interests in the area, and a
writing sample.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

19 November 2010

The biggest hurdle in FOSS/GNU/Linux adaptation

Let me put my voice on the biggest hurdle in FOSS adaptation.
This hurdle is "Proprietary Hardware Drivers"
In India we recently established a "Open Standard Policy".It is the great success of FOSS communities and our leaders.
In the same way we need to have a policy on Hardware selling. This policy must specify that "Anything which Govt is buying must have a Open Specification of their Driver."
                    Why this is important ?

Let me explain by an example.
A school from my town has purchased hardware 1 year ago. At the time of purchase they are not knowing about Linux. Now even If they want to move they have to take expert consultancy to install Linux. Because many a time some device refuse to work with GNU/Linux because GNU/Linux do not have proprietary drivers. For example some WebCam do not work directly on GNU/Linux or most of the whiteboards which is a high trend in schools etc.

Dear all FOSS advocates, You need to remember that you can visit a school or college and try for installing GNU/Linux BUT you can't change hardware from a system. We must have a clear policy that says - "every device must have a open specification or driver for all available operating systems".

We seriously need to blacklist proprietary driver and hardware from market and stop their sell.
Proprietary hardware is one from of monopoly which is more dangerous then proprietary software,

Here is the list of dangerous and unethical things

Software Patents         (Most dangerous)
Proprietary Drivers & Hardware
Proprietary Standards
Proprietary Software      (least dangerous in the list)

Why I have given least dangerous to proprietary Software because it is easy to have adaptation of counter part (ie free software ) Ex Firefox and chrome replaced IE. because both work on HTML
But is difficult to have adaptation of a counter part of well adopted proprietary standard Ex doc vs odt
Similarly, It will be very difficult to have GNU/Linux system all over the India because of varying hardware profile and proprietary hardware and drivers.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Announcement: National Convention for Academics and Research

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From: sarath ms < AT>
Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 11:21 PM

Dear Friends,

National Convention for Academics and Research (NCAR) 2010 will be held from 16th to 18th December 2010 at Hyderabad. The event is being organized by Free Software Movement of India and hosted by Swecha. FSMI is organizing the first convention to spread awareness of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FOSS/FLOSS) and its usage in Academia/Research communities. The theme for this convention will be "Computing Freedom in Education, Research and Technology" The convention provides a platform for sharing of experiences and views, to foster a collaborative approach to education and for improving educational aids including software tools. The convention will see participation of researchers and academicians from colleges and universities across the country including IITs, IISc, IIIT.

The FOSS paradigm provides an opportunity to evolve a serious research community with global cooperation. This would also enable in bridging the gap between research-industry and societal demands. An integration for research between academia and industry is not up to the mark as it is in the case of developed nations. This convention shall provide space for faculty and students of Engineering Colleges to learn, interact, and network with their peer groups, leading to a development of a FOSS ecosystem.

The convention will focus on a wide range of topics through dedicated track sessions on academic and research areas like scientific computing and visualization, to Indian Language technologies and application specific domains of Mobile, GIS and the like. In addition, it will also host demonstrations, exhibitions, and tutorial sessions for providing hands-on training on Free Software tools in research and education.

Swecha and other member organizations of FSMI will be organizing a wide variety of run up events across India in promotion of Free Software and NCAR 2010. There will be workshops, seminars, 'train-the-trainer' sessions. Apart from academicians and researchers, some of these events will be extended to other sections like students, Lab admins, developers, physically challenged users, print and electronic media etc.

Swecha has also planned to hold a one-day workshop for women researchers and academicians on "Women in Research - The FOSS paradigm" to bring together like-minded women researchers and academicians to build an ecosystem where one can learn from each others' experiences and works done.

Visit for Online registration and more details.

Sarath M S.

Fsf-friends mailing list

By- Narendra Sisodiya

18 November 2010

ELPA is here ! My Company and My Vision #elpa #nsisodiya

       Here is the first and short blog on my first company "ELPA Technologies". (no website).

       ELPA is an Indian Company, It is registered as "Proprietary Firm" for Hardware & Software Sells and FLOSS consultancy. I am operating from Delhi and northern region. I initially trying to have a Non-profit structure and getting earning from it.  but Now I have decided to have a fully for-profit company rather then depending on Grants/Donations from Govt or other things as in India getting money is not an easy task(at-least for me).  Also more important I want to become independent so that I can do my RnD work in FOSS.
       Apart for giving training and consultancy to some security projects I am looking forward to service like pre-installed Linux Desktop and Laptop where you will get everything working perfectly+1 year service contract. Mass installation of Linux in school colleges etc. Same time I am looking for giving development of HTML5/ajax/ based application (because i don't want to loose my expert development skillset). There is a huge list of things which i can perform well..

        My vision is clear : "To support FOSS/Linux as much as I can and getting money from it"

right now, I have two office : Delhi (Malviya Nagar) & Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh ).

So If you have such kind of requirement in your company , college or startup then you ask for quotation.

PS: I am already associate with many non-profit work, like LUG@IITD, SchoolOS & Its community development, Project Eduvid , and many other things. These will not be affected as I will be working on these project too. I am making a strong commitment to give 20% resource (money, man-power etc) to all such community related projects. All those student who worked me for various projects can ask for certification now. New pool of student who want to learn Linux and develop foss project can contact me on my email id personally.

PS: Those who want to get associated with ELPA, send me mail offline.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

17 November 2010

SOLVED : No sound in HP Mini

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From: Sudev Barar <sbarar AT>
Date: Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 5:42 PM

Earlier I had reported that everything works fine in HP Mini notebook
but sound in firefox while visiting sites like youtube etc.

It turned out that since I had migrated my home directory from earlier
version of Ubuntu I had to delete .asoundrc file and .marcomedia &
.adobe directories. Thereafter I had to log out and login again to get
the sound working perfectly in applications like youtube etc..

The interesting part and pointer to the likely problem source was that
a new user created on the same machine could get everything working.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

LUGIITD mailing list has 10,000+ discussion and 1,000+ members in it.

Hey guys, time to celebrate that we have crossed 10,000+ discussion in last 3 year.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

16 November 2010

Questions for Competition Law Analysis in India

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From: Pranesh Prakash
Cc: Anuj Puri <ap2700 AT caa.columbia DOT edu>

Dear all,
As some of you might be aware, CIS has commissioned Anuj Puri, a respected competition law attorney, to write a report on software practices and competition law in India.  That report can then be used as a basis for legal interventions before the Competition Commission of India.  Anuj wanted the help of the FOSS community in getting evidence about practices.  He needs our help in getting more details on the following fronts:

1. How are the software priced?
If we have to allege predatory pricing on behalf of any firm, we need to know if we can predict their average variable cost or marginal cost.

2. How are they sold or licensed- details of bulk discount, bundling?
I would require some evidence of the default internet browser, media player, etc., sold in tandom with the OS.  The best I have at the moment is an OS vendor's website which is really short on details.  Similar evidence of exclusive tie-up between any OS vendor and an OEM would be extremely helpful.

3. Predatory pricing instances.
Newspaper reports, other data illustrating where software, OS or hardware have been supplied free of cost or below cost to state agencies.

I would request people to send in material to substantiate the above, and evidence of any other practice that they feel might be violative of our competition law.  Please spread the word around on other mailing lists as well, and help us get as much detail as possible.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

15 November 2010

sudo_delete script for nautilus added

many times, we may see some files which do not have delete permission by normal user. you have to go to root terminal to delete using rm command.
Now the task has made simple using SudoDelete script. Just using click, you can delete files
This files has been added in schoolos main trunk. If you have good ideas then please contribute to schoolos

Click here to download:
sudoDelete (1 KB)

By- Narendra Sisodiya

"OpenInGIMP" idea to enhance gnome-screenshot.

When you take print screen, you get two option, One is Save or copy to clipboard. It will be nice if somebody can add "Open in GIMP" option so that we can directly open the taken screen shot for editing like crop , rotate etc. Concept picture is attached ,

Here is the source code for gnome-screenshot ,
this need C++ programming with G++

One can see how "Copy to clipboard" was added by Ebassi , have a look on corresponding bug and diff files.

By- Narendra Sisodiya

14 November 2010

How to attach files in a pdf file. Great tip

I am reading a pdf file in Okular and it says "this Pdf files embedded files"
From Menu bar "File -> Embedded Files" I can save the files. This can be very useful says I am creating a Project report and I can attach/embed source files in the report itself.
Google search gave me this command

pdftk html_tidy.pdf attach_files command_ref.html to_page 24 output html_tidy_book.pdf

By- Narendra Sisodiya

Shell Scripting Books

Installing Koha 3.002 on Centos 5.5

I was installing Koha on Centos 5.5 ,
All the installation instruction were given at

Following additional things you have to do..
do not install XML:RSS , XML:LibXML & XML:LibXSLT using cpan command , because this will install a newer version which is 1.7, but we need 1.59 so go to and download the exact or similar version using tar.gz files & run perl ; make ; make test ; make install to install these versions.

After Installation, you will get this error when you try to add any book item.

[Sun Nov 14 17:04:14 2010] [error] [client] [Sun Nov 14 17:04:14 2010] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Tablstry' doesn't exist at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 178., referer: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/koha/installer/inst
[Sun Nov 14 17:04:14 2010] [error] [client] [Sun Nov 14 17:04:14 2010] DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref fai() at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 179., referer: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/koha/installer/

Download the for this link;a=blob_plain;f=C4/;hb=44eea3643e4929b1acb010dec55bf58f983ea68b

cd /usr/share/koha/lib/C4

PS : Thanks to Vivek Kumar ( for helping out..

By- Narendra Sisodiya

13 November 2010

Open Standards policy finalized--major victory for the FOSS community in India

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Venkatesh Hariharan <>
Date: Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 5:28 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] Open Standards policy finalized--major victory for the FOSS community
To: Indian FOSS Community Network list <>

The open standards policy has been finalized and it incorporates many of the suggestions made by the FOSS community in India. In the previous draft dated 25/11/2009, our major objection was to section 4.1.2 of the policy which said,

"4.1.2 The essential patent claims necessary to implement the Identified Standard should preferably be
available on a Royalty-Free (no payment and no restrictions) basis for the life time of the standard.
However, if such Standards are not found feasible and in the wider public interest, then RF on Fair,
Reasonable and Non Discriminatory terms and conditions (FRAND) or Reasonable and Non
Discriminatory terms and conditions (RAND) could be considered."

Our comment on this section reads:

The usage of terms like “preferably” in a section titled, “Mandatory Characteristics”
weakens the section and could even render it meaningless. Mandatory characteristics should be laid
out clearly and unambiguously,

The term “essential patent claims,” is meaningless because a standard cannot be implemented
partially. Therefore, the ENTIRE standard should be royalty-free and not just the "essential" parts of it.
In other words, ALL patent claims necessary to implement the standard should be royalty-free. Also,
RF on FRAND/RAND is self-contradictory. If a Standard is Royalty Free (RF) then it cannot be RAND.
Therefore, the wording of this section should be changed to "ALL patent claims necessary to
implement the Identified Standard should be available on a Royalty-Free (no payment and no
restrictions) basis for the life time of the standard. However, if such Standards are not found feasible
and in the wider public interest, then Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory terms and conditions
(FRAND) or Reasonable and Non Discriminatory terms and conditions (RAND) could be considered.”

As you can see from the extract below, the points mentioned above have been incorporated In the recently finalized policy. This section now reads:

4.1.2 The Patent claims necessary to implement the Identified Standard shall be made available on a Royalty-Free basis for the life time of the Standard.

Overall, I'd say this is a major victory for the Indian FOSS community and more than three years of hard work have paid off. The file can be downloaded from: suggestions mards/egscontent.2010-11-12.9124322046/at_download/file

or from: (click on the links on the top left hand side).

network mailing list

By- Narendra Sisodiya

12 November 2010

Why local user group, its time for GCI (Group for common Interest) too

In India, we have LUG for many place/institutes. culture is almost same. One thing I am not happy is we all repeat same thing again and again. For example If somebody is facing a problem in Ubuntu and he ask in his local user group and try to solve the problem. Or If there is a some generic purpose email then we try to forward in every daam possible mailing lists. If their is a generic email then post on FOSSCOMM mailing list or if there is a discussion for meeting/workshop then post on local user group. Also, why post job email to every daam possible mailing list where is or fossyellopages (by LFY) is doing good job.

We must setup interest based learning group. for example , a Indian HTML5 user group , Ubuntu India or Fedora India.. We must setup Interest based mailing list like Drupal User group, Arduino user group india, PhpLovergroup India, So that we can see focused and common interest based people thus meetups and thus workshop/seminar like Delhi Drupal meetup 1,2,... etc.

You can start creating Interest based groups on facebook  like
PHP Programmer group on facebook , or just Programmers etc... Select whatever medium you want like twitter or orkut or mailing list..
mailing list might be heavy for this purpose.. I am talking about small but dedicated teams... If team is big like "Drupal user group" then mailing is Ok.

The purpose of GCI (Group for common Interest) is to create a small platform - says 3-4 but dedicated people who are want to learn or want expertness in a given area and actively participate. More or less I am talking about Small or medium sized activity based interest groups..

By- Narendra Sisodiya