01 October 2010

Why it is difficult to sell Android tablet in India

See, In India, only method to connect to Internet on road/Air is USB modem like EC1260
commonly known as Reliance net-connect and Tata Photon and other related models. Other then this, we use GPRS.

There is no wifi and 3G yet (I am talking about India and not metro city). If you want to sell Android tablet in India, You must provide Internet connectivity via Wifi & USBmodem & Bluetooth.

Indian can try Android tablets

* They want to use Video telephony over IP using SIPdriod and SIP accounts
* They want to use Internet to Facebook update and Chat + Twitter.
* They want to use it as Ebook reader.
* Normal Browsing
* Photo capture and video recording and sharing
* Youtube

These are main application a normal Indian (atleast at my age) want.

Also, one more request, please support open standards like ODT, OGV , SIP, PNG. Webm, XMPP/Jabber.

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