02 October 2010

We need a universal VOIP SIP number

You must be aware of DNS. It translate domain name to IP. it is simple fact that you cannot remember IP so we need domain name.
Similar things apply with VOIP SIP provider. There is a huge number of free and paid VOIP SIP account providers. We must create single entity to generate unique VOIP account number.
I will tell the reason

* Simple to deal with Tablet and mobile device -  Imagine you have made an SIP account with, now you need to have write so many setting to activate account on android phone Ex - if you made a account then you need to type different setting - ,
This can be simplify as
-->  Imagine a centralize service where user will create an account,
-->  User will get Unique SIP number and password.
--> User will add his SIP provider and other setting.
--> On Android or Whatsoever software/hardware, for Video telephony , user will write his unique SIP number and password. software will contact to central server and then download settings.

Now if somebody calls you, he will call on your unique SIP number. Software will again contact to central server to get the minimum details to make a video/audio call.

May be after, 30 year, you may want to change SIP provide. You can again login to central server and then change your SIP provider. This way you can maintain the unique contact number for creating video/audio calls over Internet.

In order to create short code, we may use alphabets instead of number.

10 alphabets code can give 1.41167096 × 1014 unique VOIP sip numbers, which is 20,541 times of the current population.

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