29 October 2010

Indian Govt must fund for Tools/processes for ICT/E-learning Projects before investing huge money for content

 This is an open letter for Indian govt so that they should invest our money for ICT/e-learning Tools and Processes instead of creating content

Indian Govt need technical expert who can guide them. We already have e-learning expert but somehow our voice is unable to reach at govt level.
At March 29/2010 I blogged about E-learning Modules Tutorials Guidelines - How and Why the e-learning Content ( must read before reading rest of the article )

Let me repeat again. It is very essential that govt Operation and e-learning should be done with Open standards. OpenStandards are highly need for interoperability and fight with vendor-lock-in problems. On the Web, HTML5 is a open technology. You are investing a huge money on ICT and e-learning via various programs ex NMEICT is one such program. Recently I visited NMEICT meeting and I saw a good support for OpenSource from the standing committee but there was lack of Content creation guidelines. Almost all teachers who are going to create content all over india, do not know anything about Open Source, Open standards and HTML5. Most likely the content will be in proprietary format like ppt, avi files, exe files and flash animation. flash animation is the biggest problem in e-learning content market. Almost everybody use pirated software for flash animation creation. Flash should not be used for animating e-learning content. E-learning content should be developed only on HTML5/CSS/SVG/CanvasAPI etc technology which are truly open and platform independent.

Now there are three most important items that Indian Govt should look on.
1) Software for HTML5 content creation :
     govt must fund for the software because right now we do not have HTML5 content creation tools specially SVG animation. SVG-Edit is a excellent tool for creating svg images. Govt must fund such project so that we developer can create SVG animation tool instead of using flash animation. There are many educator who know Latex and use beamer etc. Tools must be created for converting latex into HTML5+MathML+SVG. current tools convert math equations into image but it should be converted into MathML. There are no good tool to write formulas in MathML.

2) Guideline on format of content.
    Govt must must setup content guidelines like slides must on HTML or ODF format instead of ppt etc. Animation must be on SVG or canvas API based instead of flash etc. Latex is another open standard.
3) Content Packaging (Or e-learning content delivery mechanism and format) :
and other video creation program is facing a huge problem of "video indexing". You cannot search inside a video or your cannot extract slides of presentation if he do not have bandwidth of downloading video. Eduvid is a proposed format which is bandwidth adoptive, multi-pipeline content delivery mechanism over Web. Govt must device the method of efficient transport of content.

4) Copyright & License :
     E-learning content must be opened in public domain. As as today, you cannot open your content in public domain. So We must adopt a Copyleft license which should be viral also. Creative commons license is good but i believe CC license is a bomb for killing ant. Govt funded and e-learning can be released under NPDL (near public domain license ) or modified version of this license.

Example of use case of this license is below.

(c) 2010, Narendra Sisodiya, This work is release under NPDL license. 

Terms and Conditions of NPDL License:
Permission is hereby granted, to use/reuse this work, provided any use/reuse of the work must be released under NPDL license.

│    Narendra Sisodiya
│    E-learning Expert

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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