31 October 2010

English Hindi Jabber Buddy Bot

Jabber bot can be used for many innovative purpose, for example,
1) You type latex equation and jabber return MathML syntax Or plot it
over web and then return image
2) Time bot will give you time based on NTP server.

... so many other things..

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Santhosh Thottingal

Our English Malayalam Dictionary Jabber bot was a big success and we
have many users for that.
Today we are announcing another Dictionary bot - English - Hindi Dictionary bot.

To use this service just add to your gtalk or
IM contacts. Now this bot is your friend and can help you to find
meaning of an English word.
To get the meaning of the word, send that word as a chat message. Bot
will reply with the meaning. Try yourself, it is easy :)

The bot code is available in SMC git repository, And it is programmed by
myself, Ershad, Ragsagar and Sarath Lakshman.
We are using the freedict-eng-hin dict protocol based dictionary for
this service.

Santhosh Thottingal

By- Narendra Sisodiya

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