31 October 2010

English Hindi Jabber Buddy Bot

Jabber bot can be used for many innovative purpose, for example,
1) You type latex equation and jabber return MathML syntax Or plot it
over web and then return image
2) Time bot will give you time based on NTP server.

... so many other things..

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Santhosh Thottingal

Our English Malayalam Dictionary Jabber bot was a big success and we
have many users for that.
Today we are announcing another Dictionary bot - English - Hindi Dictionary bot.

To use this service just add to your gtalk or
IM contacts. Now this bot is your friend and can help you to find
meaning of an English word.
To get the meaning of the word, send that word as a chat message. Bot
will reply with the meaning. Try yourself, it is easy :)

The bot code is available in SMC git repository, And it is programmed by
myself, Ershad, Ragsagar and Sarath Lakshman.
We are using the freedict-eng-hin dict protocol based dictionary for
this service.

Santhosh Thottingal

By- Narendra Sisodiya

29 October 2010

Whiteboards in Linux #foss

Indian Govt must fund for Tools/processes for ICT/E-learning Projects before investing huge money for content

 This is an open letter for Indian govt so that they should invest our money for ICT/e-learning Tools and Processes instead of creating content

Indian Govt need technical expert who can guide them. We already have e-learning expert but somehow our voice is unable to reach at govt level.
At March 29/2010 I blogged about E-learning Modules Tutorials Guidelines - How and Why the e-learning Content ( must read before reading rest of the article )

Let me repeat again. It is very essential that govt Operation and e-learning should be done with Open standards. OpenStandards are highly need for interoperability and fight with vendor-lock-in problems. On the Web, HTML5 is a open technology. You are investing a huge money on ICT and e-learning via various programs ex NMEICT is one such program. Recently I visited NMEICT meeting and I saw a good support for OpenSource from the standing committee but there was lack of Content creation guidelines. Almost all teachers who are going to create content all over india, do not know anything about Open Source, Open standards and HTML5. Most likely the content will be in proprietary format like ppt, avi files, exe files and flash animation. flash animation is the biggest problem in e-learning content market. Almost everybody use pirated software for flash animation creation. Flash should not be used for animating e-learning content. E-learning content should be developed only on HTML5/CSS/SVG/CanvasAPI etc technology which are truly open and platform independent.

Now there are three most important items that Indian Govt should look on.
1) Software for HTML5 content creation :
     govt must fund for the software because right now we do not have HTML5 content creation tools specially SVG animation. SVG-Edit is a excellent tool for creating svg images. Govt must fund such project so that we developer can create SVG animation tool instead of using flash animation. There are many educator who know Latex and use beamer etc. Tools must be created for converting latex into HTML5+MathML+SVG. current tools convert math equations into image but it should be converted into MathML. There are no good tool to write formulas in MathML.

2) Guideline on format of content.
    Govt must must setup content guidelines like slides must on HTML or ODF format instead of ppt etc. Animation must be on SVG or canvas API based instead of flash etc. Latex is another open standard.
3) Content Packaging (Or e-learning content delivery mechanism and format) :
and other video creation program is facing a huge problem of "video indexing". You cannot search inside a video or your cannot extract slides of presentation if he do not have bandwidth of downloading video. Eduvid is a proposed format which is bandwidth adoptive, multi-pipeline content delivery mechanism over Web. Govt must device the method of efficient transport of content.

4) Copyright & License :
     E-learning content must be opened in public domain. As as today, you cannot open your content in public domain. So We must adopt a Copyleft license which should be viral also. Creative commons license is good but i believe CC license is a bomb for killing ant. Govt funded and e-learning can be released under NPDL (near public domain license ) or modified version of this license.

Example of use case of this license is below.

(c) 2010, Narendra Sisodiya, This work is release under NPDL license. 

Terms and Conditions of NPDL License:
Permission is hereby granted, to use/reuse this work, provided any use/reuse of the work must be released under NPDL license.

│    Narendra Sisodiya
│    E-learning Expert

By- Narendra Sisodiya

20 October 2010

I have prepared RTI to fight with AICTE for their support on vendor based education

Download now or preview on posterous
rti_aicte_fial.odt (22 KB)

Download now or preview on posterous
rti_aicte_fial.pdf (36 KB)

By- Narendra Sisodiya

One of the most easiest way to create-compile-run C++ files.

Those who want to that how I added this trick inside schoolOS then they can check this link -
If you expand then you can find source code. It is very easy to add your enhancement in SchoolOS.
By- Narendra Sisodiya

One of the fastest way to modify and contribute In SchoolOS.

You can submit bugs -
You can download schoolOS source code and apply your configuration -
If you are a Linux User and you want new feature (mainly User Interface and Usability aspects) then feel free to contact me. If you have any simple idea of improving Linux then please mail us.


By- Narendra Sisodiya

18 October 2010 - Contribute and earn money

Dear All,
      There is an excellent opportunity for students working with Free and Open Source Software to earn while studying. Visit
I think per tutorial one can earn 2500 INR (I may be wrong but you will get money as well as contribution to FOSS in India)

PS: I am not affiliated with

By- Narendra Sisodiya

15 October 2010

FOSS in Indian Schools - A Serious Concern & a Request to Unite.

Dear FOSS Enthusiasts and Activists.
        I am writing this letter to all for a request to create a task force to advocate FOSS in schools. If we fail to advocate Linux in schools then we will be failed everywhere.
        Most of the computer users like me are using computer from Last 5-6 year or less. They learned everything in college only. Also at our time computer was a costly device. We have not faced much difficult in migrating from Windows to Linux. Now we love Linux based distro and advocate for open curriculum, content , no-patents, no-DRM etc.
       But today scenario has changed. Computer are available in every Mohalla and Village. many of them are not having Internet connectivity. they are just using some pirated software. This is not a small population. This is a very huge population. This huge population of school students is also including student who do not have money to buy computer but they are learning using cybercafe and coaching classes.
       If you do not tell them to use FOSS and Linux based Distro, they will continue using pirated window software for next 10-15 year of their life until they got lucky to enter into a college where Local LUG is active and he got change to explore GSoC and other activities OR course curriculum include FOSS.
       After 7 year, if you wish to give a lecture for advocating FOSS/Linux in a college then Do you think you can convince them to use FOSS/Linux and stop using the proprietary products which he is using from last 10 years?
      During a workshop of Kids at NCERT, a 5th class kids refused to work on Kturtle because he was using LOGO software from last 1 year. Those who do not know LOGO created very beautiful diagrams with Kturtle.
      You can only reach engineering students at College level Linux/FOSS promotion and activities. But these student who are going to use proprietary product for they whole school life will go in various domain like art, music, law etc. you can never convince them after their mind-wash.
      I learned to do advocacy from two side attack. System is like pyramid. Bottom side contains huge student. and tip is controlled by those who run Education system. at top level we need to look for syllabus change and other activities. At bottom side we need to advocate FOSS and Linux principle in schools. Imagine the power of community and collaboration value inside this huge community. This student community need out love, care and guidance. We can together create a task force and think for various strategies to introduce FOSS in schools. If you empower this student community then they can crate whole curriculum and e-learning videos of their syllabus by themselves.

== Duty of Task Force ==
* Creating mailing list or all FOSS + Edu persons
* Bring all FOSS+Edu on mailing list Or paper newsletter
* Creating Workshop for discussion.
* supporting the development of SchoolOS
* empower technical level of student and teacher
* Creating article for FOSS advocacy
* Creating template letters for creating workshop in schools
* getting help from NCERT and other institutes.
* Creating booklets/Books - Classwise
* Creating Portals for students and teacher
* Creating teacher and student community

Please Join - SchoolOS mailing list - and

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14 October 2010

If you want to learn FOSS and Technology then join me.

If you want to learn the depth of technology & Coding then join my Lab. Student invited to do Projects with me.

Here are few blogs of students who worked with me.

I have mentored 5-6 student in last summer. Now i am looking for more students.

PS: Laptop is highly required. Wifi is free.
Contact :

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FOSS - jobs this week

Copied from

Full-time Sr & Jr.PHP Programmer with Image Infotainment at Image Infotainment in Chennai 13-10-2010

Full-time Urgent Requirement for LAMP with Reputed Company in Noida at V3 Info Tech in Noida 13-10-2010
Full-time Tech Lead (LAMP) at People Interactive (I) Pvt Ltd. in Mumbai 12-10-2010
Full-time Looking for Experienced Linux Adminstrator Professionals at JYOPA Connexions in Chennai 12-10-2010
Full-time Python - An excellent opportunity to be explored at Crux Technologies (P) Ltd in Chennai 11-10-2010
Full-time Opening with Wipro at Wipro Limited in Bengaluru 11-10-2010
Full-time Openings for Unix Scripting Developer for Volvo(IT). at Hallmark Global Technologies in Hyderabad 11-10-2010
Full-time Openings in NSN (MNC Company): Test Engineer at E-Com Consultancy Services in Bengaluru 11-10-2010
Full-time Urgent opening for Linux BSP at HRO2 - Endeavor HR Pvt. Ltd in Ahmedabad 11-10-2010
Full-time Opening for C++ at HCL , Chennai at Ikya Human Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd in Chennai 11-10-2010
Full-time Perl requirement with HCL at Inspiration Manpower Consultancy in Bengaluru 11-10-2010
Full-time Very hot requirement for PHP, Zend framework, Joomla, Symphony at Intecis Technologies in Hyderabad 11-10-2010
Full-time Opening for ROR developer for Delhi( Noida) at Vision Corporate Management Services in Noida 11-10-2010
Full-time Linux hacker + admin (Immediate opening) at Synovel in Hyderabad 09-10-2010
Full-time PHP MySql Developer at Collidersoft Technology Services (P) Ltd in Chennai 09-10-2010
Full-time Opportunity With Amazon, Hyderabad at Careernet Technologies Pvt Ltd in Hyderabad 08-10-2010
Full-time C42 Engineering is hiring at C42 Engineering in Bengaluru 08-10-2010

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08 October 2010

Why and How Indian govt can get huge benefits from Free Software/Open Source

        This article is written very late. So much late that government has wasted a huge amount of tax-payers money just for buying licenses to use few software which could have been produced by Indian Government itself. We still has time to save huge money wastage money by public and Government.
Copy a Software is not piracy
        We do not have any machine in real world which can duplicate real world object like table etc. But Software has the most amazing quality which is called Copying a Software. You can create exact duplicate software using copy. Piracy is a illegal use to software. It is misconception that copying a software makes piracy. When you buy a real world object like mug, table, furniture etc, you have full right to do anything with them. Nobody will object you if you resell them or use for any purpose.
        In Software world. you never own the software, instead you only buy license to use a software with certain Terms and Conditions. Software remain copyrighted with original authors/company. Every software in the world is copyrighted. Many software companies put non-copying, non-sharing as Terms and Conditions to use the software. When you create a copy of a software you may or maynot be part of piracy. For Example, Duplicating Microsoft Windows Operating System is piracy. But Duplicating Ubuntu Operating System is not piracy, as Ubuntu and other Software shipped with Permissive Terms and Conditions which allow and encourage user to create and redistribute copy of the software. Similarly You can copy Firefox, VLC etc, list is long.
        Software with Permissive Terms and Conditions are called FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
Why Government Should Create Software
        Software is like air. After Roti, Kapda and Makan, next is Mobile and Computer. Computer without Software are useless. Most of the users need Software for daily work. Word Processing Software, Internet Browser are most common software which every computer user need.
        Government should not purchase license from software companies for using common software. Instead Government must create software. In case If the Software is available under Open Source License it must adopt and improve it.
        For example, every computer user need Operating System. Let assume tomorrow 50% of Indian public will use computer. If this 50% slot buy proprietary Operating System, and Lets assume the cost of Operating System is RS - 1000. Then the total money outflow will be equal to 570 Billion Rupee. Again this 50% slot will have to buy word processing software and many other software. Total money outflow will be huge. Those who cannot purchase has only option to use pirated software. Indian Govt can actually create common software which are needed by 80% of computer users. Why public should buy the software, Let Govt should create and distribute the software. This will save a huge money.
        We already have many Free and Open Source Software which can save huge amount of money. Government need to improve these software.
Advantage of FOSS
        Almost all Free and Open Source Software are available free of cost. They are licensed with Permissible Terms and Conditions. These permission enable other developer to modify and thus improve the Source Code and fix bugs. Adopting FOSS will remove vendor lock-in too as FOSS work with Open Standards. Open Standards are needed for interoperability just like real world.
What is Software
        Before we start, we need to learn some important terminology which will be used in this article.
        First important term we need to learn is Source Code. Its a well known sentence which a common man use "Computer can understand 0 and 1". Human being cannot work at 0 and 1 level. Instead, we use Computer Language like C++ to write a software. A software is just a piece of instruction (like recipe) to do certain task. All the instructions are written into some text files. We call it the Source Code of a software. Proprietary companies convert Source Code to Executable Files(normally .exe files) for hiding the source code. If you do not have source code you cannot modify a software.
        Another important concept we need to learn is File Format. Software deal with Files. File contain information with meta data. File Contents is stored 0 and 1. File Format is key for transforming File Content into 0 and 1. For example webpages are written in HTML File Format. If File Format is open, then any developer can make new software which can open/process the files. These are called Open Standards.
Monopoly Game in Software Industry
        Software Industry is running by two camps. One camp is lead by Microsoft which believe in hiding the source code and restricting other to develop good software. This camp mostly work with close standards. The other camp is lead by a large community of Free and Open Source Developers who actually believe in sharing software. Firefox and Open Office is a example of such openly developed software. Both camp is fighting with each other at three layers.
        The first layer is Software Patent. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook etc take patents on their software behavior. For example Microsoft has patent on Page Up/Page Down. Amazon has patent on One Click Shopping. Facebook recently acquired patent on user news feed. These software patent restrict other developer to create software. Also for developers it is impossible to read all patent before writing a software. FOSS community create software with new innovative ideas (like 3D Desktop etc) and do not take software patent on it. Instead these example can be taken for pre-grant opposition for software patents.
        The second layer is Close Standards vs Open Standards.  Many companies work with close standards which they only know Or charge royalties for it. This create a condition of vendor lock-in. Imagine if we store our data on close standards then after 100 year also, we have to go to same vendor to purchase new version to software. You can image close standard as a house which contain your things but they key belongs to some other persons.
        The third layer is Close Source vs Open Source. Proprietary companies hide source code from users. Hiding source code is again a vendor lock-in process. If you do not have source code then you cannot modify the software. FOSS community encourage user to share their source code.
        These are the 3 layer where FOSS community fight back at anti-FOSS world.
How Government can reduce software cost
        Government should create software for its public. It clear that FOSS software are free of all sort of IPR laws about patent/close standards. Government should modify and improve these software. India has multiple languages. Government must localize these software. There are some field exist where we do not have open standards. Govt must create Open Standards for all purpose. Govt must declare common guideline for hardware vendor for producing driver for their product. If a hardware vendor producing some hardware then it must ensure that driver must be available for "national operating system". Govt should promote SchoolOS and other similar educational initiative for school education.
        last but not least, Always Free Software/Open Source is about Freedom and for only reducing cost. Cost is a great factor but still we need to remember the freedom provided by Free Software

By - Narendra Sisodiya
(c) 2010, Narendra Sisodiya, This work is release under NPDL license. 

Terms and Conditions of NPDL License:
Permission is hereby granted, to use/reuse this work, provided any use/reuse of the work must be released under NPDL license.

06 October 2010

Why you must put your email or website in copyright notice.

The answer is simple.
When you write

(C)2010, Narendra Sisodiya, This work is released under ..........

in your work, then how we can know which "narendra" has done this work?
So, in copyright notice, you must put email or website or any other URI for identifying you.

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Suggestion for CSS-RESET property in CSS3

First I will give example and my problem with HTML language.

Two days back I have was searching for Cool looking CSS based DropDrop menu. I found a website which were having such menu. I decided to copy it. To copy a specific module from a website is not at-all easy task. We can solve this problem then lots of remix and reusable module will be made. Anyways, I used firebug to search "div" which has code for menu. I extracted that HTML code. Thanks to GOD that it was not a dynamically generated code. I download every css files and looked for "id"s and "class"s which was their in copied code. It was somewhat working. Finally I used firebug to make a side by side debugging to generate exact behavior. Finally I have done it. but when I tried to integrate it on Drupal website, It was not looking exactly same. After some more Firebug debugging, I made some change. It was taking some parent css properties which were not detected using ids and classes.

I think, web developed should be done modular design approach.

For example, A cool CSS button or may be JavaScripted button can have this code.

<div id="some id">
      <style>   blah blah blah   </style>
      <html>   blah blah blah   </html>
      <script>   blah blah blah   </script>  

you can further compress all the three section into some DATA URI scheme (or some base64 string)

Now if somebody else want to reuse the code he can use

<div id="some id" css-reset>
      <style>   blah blah blah   </style>
      <html>   blah blah blah   </html>
      <script>   blah blah blah   </script>  

<div id="some id" css-reset>
      <div class='base64code"'>

css-reset property will restrict or reset CSS or JavaScript processing inside that particular node <div/>.
It is just like a local isolated scope for integrating a module.

It is just a thought.
Also, I was thinking to create a GUI for development where anybody can create a nice collaborate GUI for creating 'easily reusable modules'. So I am researching on all options.


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05 October 2010

How to Sell CC-By-NC-SA content

IANAL , TINLA,  I just want your feedback/comment on this.

If there exist some content which is under CC-By-NC-SA and someone want to sell it.
He can try for selling the DVD at Zero rupee and and add more price in shipping.
Shipping charge will include - actual shipping charge + DVD writing charge + your profit.

I want your opinion on this trick. Will this still violate NC-clause ?

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04 October 2010

Project - PyPDFLib

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Santhosh Thottingal
Date: Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 7:11 PM
Subject: [smc-discuss] Project: PyPDFLib
To: Discussion list of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing

We all know that there is no PDF library which can support Indic
scripts. We ourself have seen many requests for this in various
mailing lists. The workaround available is to generate ODT file and
then doing export.  In case of python the default pdf library is
reportlab which does not support any complex scripts. Wikipedia's page
export feature is broken for complex script languages because of these
We are starting a project to address this problem. The project is
named as PyPDFLib and hosted here :
The project uses Pango for complex script rendering and Cairo for PDF
and graphics manipulations. Project is in Python and licensed under
The current status :
* Basic set of APIs in working condition. Widgets such as paragraph,
header, footer, line, h1,h2 etc., image(not all formats) are available
* Basic configurations like Font, size, alignment etc
* Sample program with Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and Bengali texts.
* Another sample program which converts a wikipedia article to PDF -
tested with Indic languages, English etc

Project is in initial stage, so expect many bugs. But if interested
play with the apis , report bugs, give patches..

Santhosh Thottingal
Swathanthra Malayalam Computing discuss Mailing List
Web: | IRC : #smc-project @ freenode

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03 October 2010

How To Add a Dropdown Navigation Menu Bar To Blogspot Or Blogger

If you see my blog -, you  will find a beautiful navigation menu bar on TOP, here is the screenshot.

In order to get this menu bar on your blog, follow this procedure

Click on Design -> Add a Gadget

Go to Basic and Add HTML/JavaScript

Now add this by clicking on + button , Fill some details and save it.
Now you can click on Edit button
Download the source code from -
Edit the source code as per your need.
Paste into the HTML editing area of Gadget. do not click on "Rich Text", This will delete your style info

Drag the "Menu" into upper portion. and save

Finally you will get this

02 October 2010

We need a universal VOIP SIP number

You must be aware of DNS. It translate domain name to IP. it is simple fact that you cannot remember IP so we need domain name.
Similar things apply with VOIP SIP provider. There is a huge number of free and paid VOIP SIP account providers. We must create single entity to generate unique VOIP account number.
I will tell the reason

* Simple to deal with Tablet and mobile device -  Imagine you have made an SIP account with, now you need to have write so many setting to activate account on android phone Ex - if you made a account then you need to type different setting - ,
This can be simplify as
-->  Imagine a centralize service where user will create an account,
-->  User will get Unique SIP number and password.
--> User will add his SIP provider and other setting.
--> On Android or Whatsoever software/hardware, for Video telephony , user will write his unique SIP number and password. software will contact to central server and then download settings.

Now if somebody calls you, he will call on your unique SIP number. Software will again contact to central server to get the minimum details to make a video/audio call.

May be after, 30 year, you may want to change SIP provide. You can again login to central server and then change your SIP provider. This way you can maintain the unique contact number for creating video/audio calls over Internet.

In order to create short code, we may use alphabets instead of number.

10 alphabets code can give 1.41167096 × 1014 unique VOIP sip numbers, which is 20,541 times of the current population.

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01 October 2010

Why it is difficult to sell Android tablet in India

See, In India, only method to connect to Internet on road/Air is USB modem like EC1260
commonly known as Reliance net-connect and Tata Photon and other related models. Other then this, we use GPRS.

There is no wifi and 3G yet (I am talking about India and not metro city). If you want to sell Android tablet in India, You must provide Internet connectivity via Wifi & USBmodem & Bluetooth.

Indian can try Android tablets

* They want to use Video telephony over IP using SIPdriod and SIP accounts
* They want to use Internet to Facebook update and Chat + Twitter.
* They want to use it as Ebook reader.
* Normal Browsing
* Photo capture and video recording and sharing
* Youtube

These are main application a normal Indian (atleast at my age) want.

Also, one more request, please support open standards like ODT, OGV , SIP, PNG. Webm, XMPP/Jabber.

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