22 September 2010

Women and FOSS in India , Excellent Story , Must read #tux #women

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 18:42, sreekanth sasikanth
Well hi guys.. Talking about Women and FOSS.. I have an excellent example to make!! :).. MY MOM!! :D... She is an ardant fan GNU/Linux :D..she uses only GNU/Linux to surf net, listen to music, etc etc. Shes now 42 and she learnt GNU/Linux 6 months back and shes quite good at it as a user ;).. And oh yes...she also respects our policies and knows them quite well :)...

         4 months back when the Airtel person came to connect net, my mom was working on GNU/Linux. She said to him "One sec, lemme restart the machine to Windows, now i am on Linux"... He was like "What the hell??!!! :-O" expression...ha ha ha ha :D... it seems for the first time he was seeing a House Wife use GNU/Linux ;)...

       Oh u people would be asking me "WINDOWS??". Well yes...unfortunately there is one thing that is forcing to keep that dreaded OS on my machine :(...and that is recording from my TV tuner. I managed to get my card running on the machine with some work arounds in GNU/Linux... But dint find a good app to record it.. searched it helter skelter but in vain!! actually i found a code in python which records video using Mencoder..but it doesnt work as i working on the code now to modify it make it work my way (Thanks to Free Software once again..without the code, i would be screwd ;) )... Oh and yess!!! now mom is behind me everyday asking "did u fix the recording...did u fix the recording..." he he he ;)...

Now hows that for a change to "Women in FOSS" ;)... Well its not a story..its the truth :)..

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