04 September 2010

Virus corrupt Unetbootin Live USB, we must device a new method for Live USB.

   On 09/03/2010 10:26 PM, Narendra Sisodiya wrote:

       Unetbootin is Good.. BUT WINDOW is CRAp WINDOW is CRAP....
       I gave linux usb to my office friend. He says that he is unable
       to boot
       usb. I checked and he was correct. I wrote again and again no
       Later I found that he was inserting USB and then restarting the
       operating system. The moment he insert usb, windows virus create
       a new
       .ini files and make that USB unbootable.

       This is totally crappy news. I wanted to introduce SchoolOS live
       USB and now many users will be not be able to use it just because of crappy

       Nilesh, In that case CDFS is better.I think booting section must
       be with
       CDFS so that nobody can temper booting process.
       I am thinking that if it is possible to make 2 partition , then
       linux on CDFS and then mount home directory on other may solve
       this problem.

   Yes, it is possible. This is the main difference between how linux &
   windows treat usb storage.

   In windows (at least upto xp), it will read only the first primary
   partition. Others are ignored (there may be some crook way out for
   that, I don't know).

   In linux, it's just another hard disk, so you can do with it
   whatever you can do with an internal hard disk.

so, are you saying that if we can make a 8mb partition first , it may
solve this problem,

Exactly, you can have a minimal size bootable partition containing a kernel and the initrd.

And the other partition, containing the actual stuff i.e. /, can be formatted with something that windows cannot read- ext, jfs, etc.

The main bootable partition should be cdfs, so that it is not writeable by windows.

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