19 September 2010

unlocking the collaborative potential of School using and SchoolOS

From last one year, I am trying to work in School Education Domain. It is the biggest untouched area with a huge and very big potential. We have a large number of student in schools. A very big percentage of whole children population. Now this big slab is now going to touch Internet. Internet is the biggest collaboration platform which we can harness it for collaboration amount student. For example last year I blogged about Free of Cost IIT/IEEE education at The vision is still in the queue.
The focus of will be to give a platform for student so that they can write and print their course books. This is a very task and it will take time to establish.

For example, When I was studying Math in school time, I always use to found lots of mistakes in books and new methods to do the same problem. I was not having any web Interface where I can correct or add new methods. but Now we can give this web Interface to children so that they can write their book collaboratively. Child use to write poems/ stories. Imagine a central place where they can write and publish their books. School has biggest untouched area and probably because we do not have Internet and bandwidth in schools right now. but very soon we are going to see a whole new paradigm of collaborative knowledge creation and sharing in Schools by Teacher-Student Community. It is the right time to build these communities and teach them collaborative skills. SchoolOS,, Offline Wikipedia Installations are few little seeds by which we are trying to make a change in School Education System in India.

PS: You can also help in school education  by spending one day at some school. Please go back to schools and spend one day and tell them about Wikipedia, Install localwikipedia, Install SchoolOS, tell them about collaboration.


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