05 September 2010

small request for your video hosting project. @philosophytv

     Its great that you are setting up a website. on your website,

We’ve heard from several viewers who want mp3 versions of our episodes. We’re working on this, so stay tuned.

Some viewers want a way to watch videos at 1.4x speed. We might provide this option in the future. In the meantime, there is a DIY method: download the mp4 version and then view it in a player (such as Windows Media Player) that allows you to adjust play speed settings.

I request to join OpenSource World. The world of Open Standard where nobody is restricted. Mp3 and other technologies have patent restriction. Ogg and Webm format are open format. I request to publish your videos in these format too. You can upload your video to website too.

If you have any question then let me know @nsisodiya

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