02 September 2010

Small Problem with terminal in SchoolOS and its Solution.

Dear Dileep,

     Its a known bug.

Step1 - Open Terminal

Step 2
- type following

      gedit ./.bashrc

Step 3 - at line number 127 , you will find something like this (try ctrl+i   if line numbers is not visible)

mdc() { mkdir -p "$1" && cd "$1" }

Just delete and add new line instead of this.
new line is

function mcd() { [ -n "$1" ] && mkdir -p "$@" && cd "$1"; }

Save and close the file. Close the Terminal too.
Open the terminal again., you will find this


Simple and very good terminal..

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:35 PM, Dileepkumar <> wrote:

When I open the terminal it's coming

bash: /home/dileepkumar/.bashrc: line 168: syntax error: unexpected end of file


Is there anything that I can add at the end of my .bashrc file, that can solve my problem .bashrc file, thanx in advance

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