29 September 2010

My reply : Request for Inputs on Dissertation paper on Open Source (Updated Paper)

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Dhiraj Gaur <dhiraj.gaur> wrote:
Dear All, 
Thanks for the replies and showing support to provide inputs to this paper on Open Source. I have updated the paper and done some major updates to the same. Some have commented that that 35 pages are too much to read. In case time is the limitation please go through chapter 1 and 4 only and give your feedback.

Looking forward to your inputs. 

Dhiraj Gaur  

I received this mail because my email was in BCC field.

My Feedback :

Your Dissertation Paper is total fail. You have used Microsoft Office Word 2007 to create the attached document. I have confirmed it using pdfinfo command of Linux. you are talking about OpenSource/Free Software and using non-free software. It shows that you are not learning anything. I request to ask zero marks from your teacher Or use Latex to get good marks. If you cannot adopt opensource/free software, better not to talk and write on it.

I personally request to learn Latex. Latex is the best software for writing book and dissertation.
Please use Kile software to re-generate the paper. Latex has a learning curve but once you start using it, you will find it very easy.

suggesting reading :
Book to learn Latex :


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